A Paradise in this World

Suppose you are the only son of a billionaire and the entire world is your oyster. Every luxury is within your reach. You are newly married and want to make your honeymoon the moments of exception in your life. You are in the process of selecting an excellent spa.

A splendid spa sends you a brochure which invites you to make the most of its serene location to nurture your cheerfulness. Its enticingly snug atmosphere and cordial decor of its villas, located near a beach, catches your eye and makes you want to go there.

You start your journey with your sweetheart in an elegant chartered airplane. From the moment you step off the plane at the airport, a representative from the resort welcomes you. He tells you that he is at your service, to check you in, unpack your bags, organize your stay, arrange meals, book your spa sessions, organize your excursions and whatever else you may require with an exclusive and impeccable service that takes care of your every need.

Then you head towards the treasure trove of luxury villas set in a beautifully preserved domain adjoining a five-star resort designed by a highly creative French architect along with an endless list of amenities, working in harmony to create a truly incredible experience.

Stunning beauty of the resort inspires you. On the eastern side of the resort, there is a vibrant oceanfront view. On the majestic western side of the resort, you find this tropical oasis nestled between lush, towering mountains and breathtaking landscape. The transparent white waters of a rapid flowing river mix with the endless turquoise water of the sea just a hundred meters down.

Surrounded by private gardens, each villa seems to be one of the world’s most enchanting locations. The exclusive jade-building suites with oceanfront views that are accented by vividly colorful flora. The plateau before the mountains range is a wonderland of pine, oaks and cedar trees. The astonishing views are more than enough to tantalize even the most discerning eye.

On the skyline towards the West, the majesty of the snow-capped peaks make your heart beat faster. The purple plants among the lush-green flora dance gracefully like crisp cotton sheets hanging from a clothesline on a windy autumn day. The fresh air coming from the beach clears your mind and energizes your spirit. The wonders of those magical surroundings pay an exquisite tribute to the symphony of nature. At once you feel joyous, exhilarated and carefree. You are mesmerized by the serenity of this scene. You stop and stare for what seems like an eternity.

Your butler leads you to your villa. The decorators have devised an ambitious decor to enchant you. A subtle blend of modernity and Medieval Asian, Indian and African influence has made each villa a wonderful mix of warmth and distinction. You find your suite with lavished elegant artwork and beautifully crafted wooden furniture.

The large bungalow-style rooms of your villa have been garnished with contemporary furniture, and artful décor spread throughout. Such spacious rooms have been furnished with a combination of modern luxuries and craftwork which incorporates the local culture of surroundings into this truly plush environment. To soothe your dreams, a soft canopy bed is available.

You move towards the terrace of your bedroom. You find rich and dark woods that allow for cool summer breezes and warm and colorful sunsets to ensure that you never want to leave. A hammock is hanging at the terrace.

You gaze at your sweetheart who has feelings similar to you. The resort offers you the happiness of experiencing unforgettable moments as a couple. You hold your truelove in your arms and start kissing her warm and juicy lips more passionately than she had ever been kissed. Both of you enjoy the wonders of each other’s company. In the intimacy of an elegant setting, you are free to relax together and pursue your favorite activities, enjoy a romantic honeymoon, and explore each other to experience unimaginable and unique spree of pleasures every day.

After relaxing, you come to the restaurant of the resort and have your dinner around a swimming pool. You enjoy in the vast array of international cuisine at the buffet restaurant or waiter service at the specialty restaurant.

At the resort, you have exclusive unlimited access to a lush-green golf course and a sporting area where you can practice your drive at a fabulous green oasis, and perfect your technique in the shade of the palm trees. While playing, you can feast your eyes and senses on nature reserves: flora and fauna.

The resort offers you exploration of underwater treasures at the best diving locations. You can relish the mighty oceanfront while indulging in exotic massages and treatments that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Here you can venture out of the cocoon of the ordinary and begin to explore the realm of extraordinary. You start an excursion trip to an intricate series of hilly tracks and grassy trails. You launch yourself into a lusty green valley protected by the snow-capped mountains like weather-beaten soldiers guarding the place where their generals rested.

You find a thick forest of pine trees on the slopes of the mountains, a tribute to this enchanting fantasyland. You are surprised to see richly colored orchids and a host of other lovely flowers dancing among the trees, as if rejoicing in the beauty and splendor of this tiny slice of Heaven. Smell of pine and sandalwood waft through the cool and crisp mountain air. You remove your joggers to ease your aching feet and feel the damp moss under your toes.

You feel hypnotized by what appears before you, like a child watching the magician at his first magic show. You slip into a magical slumber after a long and weary excursion. When you wake up, you watch the blazing sun moving down to the deep green meadows far below.

You are so impressed by this blockbuster resort that you immediately decide to buy a villa in this resort. You are the only beloved son of a business tycoon who lives high off the hog. You simply call the manager of the resort, pay a million dollar by your diamond card, buy a villa and gift it to your beloved.

It is the time to wake up. Come out of your daydream and be realistic. Such tiny slices of heaven are scattered all over this planet. These paradises are good but certain tribulations are associated to them.

The first problem is entry to this paradise. If you are fortunate enough to be raised in an aristocratic family, you can enter to this world of elated bliss. Otherwise, the gates to this heaven are closed for you.

If you have extraordinary genius, talents and luck, you can earn this paradise by falling over backwards for a long period of time comprising of decades. You will have to hitch your wagon to a star. Don’t expect a gravy train to this world of wonders and fantasies. For most of us, by the time we have made something of ourselves, we will be old, probably have health problems, and not be able to enjoy such luxuries.

Secondly, there are certain risks associated to your dream-world. If you spend a $100 million to buy or construct a heaven for you, it can be destroyed by a mundane hurricane. A little movement deep inside the earth can ruin the paradise of your dreams. A tiny bomb devised by a terrorist can reduce your heaven to rubble.

Third problem of this paradise is its impermanence. There are two aspects of this issue: The paradise itself will become older and older; it needs maintenance; if it is not maintained properly, it will become rusty; with the passage of time, its maintenance will become more and more expensive and it will turn into a white elephant. Even if you are a billionaire, wasting a lot of money in a dead investment without any return will not be your priority.

Other aspect of the problem is the mortality of its owner. Suppose you are auspicious enough to become the owner of this paradise at the age of 30. You are a handsome man or a beautiful woman at the acme of your life. Your body is healthy, strong and agile.

Within a few years, your attractive look will start vanishing. At 40, you’ll start facing small health issues. At 50, such health problems will become serious up to some extent in form of high blood pressure, increased diabetic levels etc. You’ve no other option except to rely upon medicines whose side effects will ruin your internal organs.

At 60 or 70, these minor issues will transform into major diseases. Your picturesque body will metamorphose into a hellish collection of bones and flesh. For a decade or two, you have to take the bull of your diseases by horns. Eventually, you have to kick the bucket and leave your paradise forever. Death is a reality to which everyone has to reconcile himself with.

The fourth issue of this paradise is boredom which is deep rooted in human psychology. If you experience the same luxury everyday, regardless of its elegance, you start getting bored. At the beginning, you can explore the treasure trove of nature in a huge resort but it will transform into a one-horse town in a couple of weeks. All the princely services of such resort start looking like mundane.

The four problems with a worldly paradise are inevitable. Nobody can deny them. Can we imagine a paradise without these tribulations? If we think within the parameters of this world, the naïve answer is ‘No’. But if we unleash the potential of our intellect and start thinking outside the box, we find an affirmative answer. The answer was given by the Prophet Jesus علیہ الصلوۃ والسلام.

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.” (Mathew 6:19-21)

Each and every particle of this universe is pronouncing clearly that this universe has a Creator. That God has clearly and repeatedly enunciated in His Books that He has an elegant, graceful and charming rewarding place full of bounties which He will grant to His servants. Entry to this Paradise is not restricted to aristocrats. It is a place open to everyone.

The amazing fact is that the key to all pleasures of this Paradise is in your own hands.

God does not require us to leave the delectations of this world. The only condition to enter into this Eternal Paradise is to live a God-oriented life which does not mean living free of sins and mistakes. It is simply a change in attitude towards life. It comprises formulating an attitude to be conscious about God’s commandments in all of our deals and being prepared to rectify our mistakes by the tears of repentance.

God assures entry to this Paradise for the people who lived a righteous life and dedicated themselves helping others to live a God-oriented life. The Paradise, which will be free of all grievances of past and worries of future; an everlasting experience not bound by the limits of time. You will not have to worry about your languishing age because you will be immortal. The Paradise will be full of new enjoyments that will not let you to be cheesed off. Every experience of that Paradise will carry a lot of new pleasures which we had never lived through before.

Give glad tidings to those who believe (in God, His Prophets & the Afterlife) and do good deeds that for them there will be gardens beneath which rivers flow. Whenever they will be given fruits (of their deeds) as sustenance they will say: “This is similar to the one we used to consume before,” for the fruits will resemble the fruits (given to them before but they’ll carry a new series of pleasure); and for them there will be chaste virgin spouses, and they shall live therein for ever. (Quran 2:25)

If the pleasures of that Paradise can be measured, and you divide that pleasure by 1000 trillion, it will still not be comparable to the sum of all pleasures you derived from your worldly life.

Are you interested in getting entry to that Paradise? It is never too late to book your eternal resort in that wonderland!!!! Hurry up!!!!

(Author: Muhammad Mubashir Nazir)

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A Paradise in this World
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