Day: December 1, 2022

God, Man and Science

[Europe witnessed a great movement named “Renaissance” spanning from 14th to 17th century in which two groups called “Rationalists” and “Religious Elite” confronted over some philosophical and practical issues. The confrontation led to a centuries-long struggle between the two groups on intellectual and political grounds and eventually, the rational thinkers won their battle. Charged with detestation against […]

The Problem of Evil

There are many concepts and views which are circulating around us in form of forwarded emails, SMS, shared post or advertisements. We usually do not bother much upon them but they have impact on our minds. I wish to share with you a part of similar ‘forwarded post’: Professor: You are a Muslim, aren’t you, son? […]

Moving to a New Planet for Living!!!

We all know that nowadays the scientists are looking for possibility of life outside our planet earth. They fear that the resources on earth will not be sufficient enough for future generations. They also fear that due to human activities, there are many irreversible damages happening to earth so the future-earth will not be a […]

Who deserves the Paradise?

I want to share an old experience. Once, I asked some of my friends a few questions which were: How many times have you desired for paradise as you desire for worldly things? Other than reciting a few crammed prayers, has the paradise, which is wider than this sky, ever created a thrill in your […]

Pure Monotheism

Two Major Misconceptions When a person reaches at a mature age, a basic question appears in his mind. What is this universe? Who has created it? The answer of this question determines his/her way of life. Whenever people committed a mistake in answering this question, they reached at two wrong conclusions. علوم الحدیث – ایک مطالعہ: یہ کتاب […]

Who is like You?

Love with a superior entity is embedded deeply in human nature. This causes one to devote himself to a superior being. But there is only one true entity – Allah. It is a tragedy with mankind that people have never paid their attention to their Lord throughout the history. It is the unfortunate that mankind […]

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