Day: December 2, 2022

Top 10 Qualities of Excellence

1. Natural Talent – Know Your Brilliance! An uncut diamond has a wealth of unrealized possibility and brilliance. The beauty inherent in the diamond beckons us to develop its potential. Likewise, we are at our best when we develop our natural talent. Know your brilliance and learn to become it every day. 2. Invest in […]

Admitting One’s Faults

A young player, who had participated in a big football match for the first time, wrote to his father after his team has been defeated. Our opponents discovered a great gap in our defense line, and that was me. امام شافعی کی کتاب الرسالہ کا آسان اردو ترجمہ۔ قرآن، سنت، اجماع اور قیاس کو سمجھنے […]

Unlocking the Gates to Success

The guest struggled desperately to open the lock, and as he went on and on twisting and twisting and turning the key and try to jerk the lock open, his vexation finally turned to fury. “This lock is defective!” He shouted to anyone who cared to listen. Then he muttered under his breath that his […]

The Lesson of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular stars of Hollywood. He hails from Austria. He started his career as a body builder and won several awards. In 1968, he came to the United States. In addition to body building, he wanted to get a chance to work in movies as an actor. In 1970, he worked in […]

Trust is Golden

With just a few hundred rupees capital, a man from Delhi started a business. He used to buy scraps of cloth which he would sell from door to door. When his business had grown somewhat, he obtained permission to sit on the pavement in front of a shop and sell his merchandise their. بنی اسرائیل کی تاریخ […]

Thinking after Writing?

I was told an interesting story once. One of my friends gave a book to his colleague who belongs to a religious party. My friend told him that the author has changed his opinion related to some issues. His colleague immediately asked, “Does this author write without thinking?” When he told me this story, I […]

Road Block

When a road is under repair, a notice bearing the words “Road Closed” is put up to warn unwary travelers. But this does not mean that the path to one’s destination is irrevocably barred. There are always other highways and by-ways — it is just a question of looking around for them. Sometimes one can […]

A Positive Attitude affirms Life

Attitude determines the lifestyle of a person and it develops when perception is followed by projection. Positive and negative attitudes are acquired by an individual over a period of time and according to their development, human beings fall into three categories: —– There are those who imagine and project difficulties in any undertaking even before […]

Success Secrets

SUPERIOR RELATIONS No one is independent in life. We depend on others right from our birth till our death. Every person, no matter how big or small he is a stepping stone to our success. Remember, “A single flower does not make a garland.” دنیا کے سات جدید عجائب میں پیٹرا کا شمار بھی ہوتا […]

Success: What is it?

Success? What is it? What is the way to it? What are the rewards? Do you have a right to succeed? The answers to these questions are in this brief article. It is about success. It is about you and how you can succeed….. All too often we hear others saying, “Get in line and […]

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