Two Girls

This is a tale of two girls who were born in different families and led different lives but it carries a great lesson for all of us.

One of these girls was born in the home of an excessively rich business man. She had been living high off the hog since her birth. The world was her oyster. During her childhood, she used to get something new everyday in form of expensive toys, army of servants, elegant homes and a world of friends.

When she grew into a young lady, her luxurious life opened new arenas of sensual pleasure for her. Expensive sports cars, elegant homes at the most beautiful beaches and hill resorts, access to clubs specifically designed for the rich, late night parties with friends, shopping sprees and a lot more.

She had various boyfriends, so her marriage added nothing new to her elegant lifestyle.

She had never thought in her life that all such delectations she was receiving, are coming to her from a Superior Entity. She never bothered to think about God. Being thankful to God was something, she never even considered.

She had gotten the world early on and now life started getting boring, routine and predictable. All activities of her life became a donkey’s work for her. There was no new enjoyment in sexual pleasures, adventure trips, beach parties and shopping sprees.

She got so weary with her life that she committed suicide to get rid of her boredom.

On the other hand, there was another girl who was born in the home of a poor farmer. Although their means were limited but she had a strong desire of achievement in her life. She wanted to be somebody, known. She enjoyed learning. She had her heart set on acquiring more and more knowledge. She kept her nose over the grindstone and achieved material and spiritual feats.

After completing her high school, she came to the nearest city to get higher education and made headway in all spheres of life. Every achievement in her life made her more humble and thankful to God. She explored the treasure trove of her potential and made headway in her life by enjoying every small achievement throughout her life.

She got a handsome, nice husband and two loving kids. From academic to professional feats and a family life full of pleasures, she celebrated every success with great thankfulness to God. She never allowed a negative thought to enter into the fortress of her mind. Her belief in God was indomitable. Her attitude resulted in divine bliss for her and she lived a peaceful and enjoyable life.

The tale of two girls carries some lessons for us. Starting your life from a lower position and getting achievements throughout your life is better than starting at a higher position and then getting bored in a few years.

They key lesson of this story is thankfulness to God, our Creator, our Sustainer. If we remain grateful, He will bestow His bounties upon us. If we are thankless, we achieve nothing.

(Author: Muhammad Mubashir Nazir)

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Two Girls
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