Inheritance of Two Daughters


one of my relative had two daughters  only, now both father and mother  expired, as per Islamic sharia how they can distribute their properties,

Jazzakallah brother,

Nayeem, Dubai

August 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah.

According to the Quran, if someone has daughters only, their share will be 2/3 of the property. After giving them this share, if nobody is available to claim the remaining 1/3, it will also be given to them.

Please clarify that their father and mother expired at the same time or at different times. Because if they expired at different time, they’ll also have a share in the property of each other. Moreover, we’ll also have to check whether the parents of both of them (i.e. grand parents of the girls) were alive or not.



Dear Brother,

assalamuoAlaikum we Rahmatullah,

 Alhamdulillah.I am fine, hope same with you,  Insha’Allah ,whenever I visit ,definitely let you know,  for your  information once time each I did umrah in  1997and HAJ IN 2005.both time with family.

Jazzkallah I got the answers,

Subject to question no 2, first mother expired, then after two years father expired, both grand parents not alive,


In that case, the daughters will share the full property equally. When the mother expired, the share of their father was ¼ in the property of the mother and daughters were supposed to receive 2/3. When the father expired, they will receive the full property of their father.


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Inheritance of Two Daughters
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