Unauthentic Websites on Islam


hope u r will…..

Some of my friends said that many of the Islamic named sites [90%] are operated by Jews and other anti-Islamic organizations.

One of my friends visited a website but later came to know  that the above site is of some deviated sect of Islam [probably of some khilafa named person from Egypt….].

The general knowledge like universe in first unit has no harm but while browsing for different scriptures and forthcoming lessons, I have to cautious……

i was browsing this site…should i belief in the given information…….


What do u say about this ?.


Shujath Imran

Hyderabad, India

July 2010

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

I think this 90% is not correct and seems to be a product of the notorious “conspiracy-theory mind”. There are some websites run by Anti-Islamic movements or fringe groups like Ahmadis but we cannot call that the majority of websites are run by Anti-Islamic forces. It is true that some of these sites are run by Anti-Islamic groups.

Some people think that banning such websites is a solution or running a defaming campaign against them is also a solution. As a result of that, people of each sect start a campaign against the personalities and websites of others and call them Anti-Islamic. Therefore, no uncontroversial website exists.

The permanent solution to this problem is to educate our people. Once they know Islam in depth, there are little chances that they may be affected by literature produced by anti-Islamic forces.

The website religionfacts is generally authentic. However, some mistakes are there due to their misunderstanding of some issues. This risk of misunderstood things will always be there while searching the internet or even reading a book.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Unauthentic Websites on Islam
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