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Asalaam alaikum

What made me contact you bro was your reply to a brother who wanted to construct a digital electronic library. Your advice, your co-operation and your vibrant nature made me contact you….

I was hoping whether you can help me in my field of research in Islam…

And would you know of any good translating software from arabic to english out there? Something like google but better?

Do you still own the 20,000 books that u has in ur library?

May Allah reward you


Islam Deen

London, UK

March 2011

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa rahmatullah

It is a pleasure to receive your mail. I’m available to fully support you in your research. I’ll appreciate if you introduce yourself in detail. My library has now over 40,000 books.

I don’t believe in translation software due to the following reasons:

1. Computer translation can’t be a substitute for human translation. Language is not mathematics. It has various stresses, exclamations and expressions which can’t be fully translated from one language to another by even human beings. So computer translation will always be a much poor option.

2. Google translations always contain a lot of errors.

3. Software translations are usually based on modern Arabic. A religious researcher needs translation of Arabic of Prophet’s time which so software provides.

If you are committed to conduct research on Islam, you’ve no other option except to learn classic Arabic. I prepared a course for that so that brothers like you can learn such Arabic easily in a few months. It is available at the following link in both English and Urdu languages.

Please feel free to contact should you need further help.

Keep in touch,


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments. They will be highly appreciated. I’ll reply ASAP if I know the answer. Send at

Arabic to English Translation Software
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