Religious Studies with Chartered Accountancy?

Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah-e-wabarakatuh.

My name is Saad. Student of seminary at 6th level (darja-e-sadisa). doing year) also. I found you while searching, read your books and work you have done.its imprasive & great pleasure to me. kindly suggest me what will i do after completing I am very confused now a days & need your help and opinion. please help me.i will be pleased

Jazakallaho khair

Muhammd Saad


Dec 2010

Dear Saad

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahamtullah e wa barakatuhu

Thanks for your email and kind comments. In order to give you a proper advice, I need some information:

1. How many marks you obtained in Matric and Inter?

2. Do you find the subjects of B.Com interesting?

3. What do you want to be after 10 years? What is your target? How would you like to balance your religious life with the worldly affairs?

4. What is your opinion about the world outside the seminary? Do you like it or not? Can you dress like others or consider it a religious obligation to keep your dressing like your teachers? (I’m asking this question that you might face issues in practical life due to this.)

After receiving your answers, I could advise you something practical.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Jazakallah for reply..May Allah bless you(Ameen)

1. How many marks you obtained in Matric and Inter?

  I got 87% in matric(science) and 79% in score 63% in part 1.

2. Do you find the subjects of B.Com interesting?

 yes.i take interest in my subjects. but i clear 1 thing that i didn’t complete my course in 1st year,2nd year and part 1 also. Means i did preparation theory subjects from 5 years method. Learnt limited questions. so i don’t have too many information and command on my subjects except Accounts and Statistics.

3. What do you want to be after 10 years? What is your target? How would you like to balance your religious life with the worldly affairs?

my aim to become a Alim and C.A. Alim is because i think that true aalims our society people need. Day by day people are going far away from Islam. And some people are spreading wrong information about Islam. So there should be some persons who save and present the actual face of Islam. I also want to do something in islamic banking.

And my 2nd aim is to become CA.but how??? i don’t know because i dont have enough time to conduct CA’s classes in morning. become a C.A is for meet my financial needs. i take intrest in teaching. I saw the teachers of ACCA/CA. They earn handsome amount by teaching.

I have meet one of CA’s teacher. He is teaching in TSA and completing his dars-e-nizmi privately. And being a teacher you can serve humanity as well. and if i in not in seminary i would have been in CA.

4. What is your opinion about the world outside the seminary? Do you like it or not? Can you dress like others or consider it a religious obligation to keep your dressing like your teachers? (I’m asking this question that you might face issues in practical life due to this.)

The world outside the seminary is quite different. I always wear shlwar-qameez and don’t like to wear pant shirt or something like that.

(if you see some grammatical/conceptual mistake in my reply plz mention it.

May i ask you some personal questions if you don’t mind)


Dear Saad

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

From your marks, its apparent that you are a student who likes studying. Commerce subjects, whatever you’ve studied till now, seems interesting for you. You’ve already mentioned that you want to be a CA. For that, you need not to complete B.Com. Based on I.Com, you can start CA foundation and your articles. Once completed, you’ll have to pass CA Final exam to become a CA. It is better to try to get articles in a Big 4 audit firm because it makes a big difference. During articles, you’ll earn very less but learn a lot.

Alternatively, you can go for ACCA right now. You’ll have to work hard to complete all 14 papers + 3 years training. This training may not be in an audit firm but you could be got trained in any company. I adopted this route because it was not possible for me to go for audit firm training. I required enough money to support my family which was not possible in articles.

You can select whatever route suits to you. CA has a higher value in Pakistan but ACCA has more in many countries outside Pakistan. In Arab world, American CPA has more value than these two. You can also think about some short course like CIA, CMA or CISA. They have a good demand in the Middle East.

Since you don’t like wearing pants etc., the practical life in the profession may be hard for you. Unfortunately, it has become a standard to wear pant coat in the profession. If you want to not adopt the dress code of profession, you’ll have limited options. I don’t want to discourage you but it is a matter of fact. For teaching as well, you’ll need practical experience in order to become a good teacher.

Your English is good but it needs further improvement. It is a problem for us who study through Urdu Medium. If you start working on it now, you can develop a good language in 4-5 years. (Language always takes long time to learn).

Since your objectives are very ambitious, you’ll need a hard work on three dimensions in next 5 years. It will need effective time management to cover the following three dimensions:

1. Dars Nazami

2. CA

3. English

Please feel free to ask any personal question. The life of a person, who wants to serve the religion, should be open and transparent and people should have a right to question about his personal affairs.

Remember in your prayers,




1) Thanks for informing but i know about it. actually the problem is that i didn’t find time to conduct CA’s classes. CA’s classes held in the morning and i am in seminary at that time and  ACCA will be expensive for me. thats why i am confused.. need alternative options.. how can i achieve my ambitions

2)how can i improve my english? i need your suggestions.

3)something personal

what are you doing now a days.

where do you live.

what about your religious life

you have studied about almost all the groups (firqas) who is right and who is wrong

are you using any social website.

many other but next time

take care

Allah hafiz

Dear Saad

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

It is an issue of time management. There might by CA classes in evening in some institute. You can also look for some private tutor who may be less expensive for you. For ACCA, there is no requirement for a teaching institute, so you can go for that by private tuition.

For improving English, the only way is to read and read. Start with English novels and other books e.g. those on religion written by Non-Muslim scholars. Use a dictionary like wordweb (you can find it on google). It will enhance your vocabulary as well as give you the idea of how other people think about their and our religions. This will become your asset once you’ll be in field of Da’wah.

Now come to the personal questions:

What are you doing know a days?

I’m working as Internal Audit Manager at a multinational company. On religious side, I’m working on a project of making different disciplines of Islamic Studies online. You can see the details at the following link. I’ll appreciate if you can provide some comments based on your experience at the seminary.

Where do you live?

Currently, I’m based at Jeddah.

What about your religious life?

I try to practice the religious directives up to the extent of my abilities. Allah is better judge about that.

You have studied about almost all the groups(firqas) who is right and who is wrong?

This question requires a long discussion. I’ve concluded that nobody is right on 100% issues and also nobody is wrong on 100% issues. We should conduct a comparative study of different groups on each issue, compare their arguments and select the one which is closest to the Quran and Sunnah. As a part of that course, I’m working on developing a course of comparative study. You’ll soon find it Insha Allah.

Are you using any social website?

No. Actually whatever time I found after my job, I try to spend it on the religious project. With people, I connect by using email.

Remember in your prayers,




1) in your opinion among these who is most closest  to quran and sunnah, give answar in %

Barelve   %

Deobandi %

Shia %

Ahle hades %

Molana mododi %

Dr.israr ahmed %

Dr.zakir naik %

Javaid ghamdi %

Sir syad ahmd khan

and what is your opinion about




2)in which seminary you completed your study

3)in which way you conduct classes of comparative religions

4)give me some useful links 

5)suggest me some useful books which give me help in my study


Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your email. The answers are as follows:

1. In your opinion among these who is most closest  to quran and sunnah, give answar in %. And what is your opinion about qadyani

1. Answer in percentage terms is difficult to give. I made it a principal for me that I’ll never comment positively or negatively about any particular person or group because it prompts bigotry, hatred and sectarianism. Instead of looking and judging other people about their closeness to the Quran and Sunnah, I try to evaluate myself how close I’m to the Quran and Sunnah.

I respect all of the scholars you’ve mentioned although I agree or disagree with them on certain issues. Instead of talking about some person, it is better to talk about the issue. You can ask my opinion about a specific issue but I do not comment on specific persons.

About Qadyanis, my opinion is the same as the rest of the Ummah and I consider their point of view as a heresy. Pakistani Parliament has declared them Non-Muslims by law after providing their third caliph a complete opportunity to present their views that are clearly contradictory to Islam. But, in my opinion, instead of firing up hatred against them, we should convey the true message of Khatam e Nabuwwat with affection and love.

2) In which seminary you completed your study?

2. I did not study in a seminary. Instead of that, I studied privately from instructor. My initial teachers were Barelvi scholars who taught at Jamia Naeemia Lahore. Recently, I’ve studied Arabic literature and Hadith studies with a Salafi scholar in Makkah. You can find details of my teachers at:

3. In which way you conduct classes of comparative religions.

3. Now a days, I’m writing a text book of comparative study. In that book, I’ve tried to present each point of view, as it is along with their arguments, without distorting their message. I’m not providing my own views in that book to make it totally unbiased. Once completed, I’ll share it with you.

4. Give me some useful links 

4. If you’re asking for comparative study of religion, the best site I’ve found are following:

5. Suggest me some useful books which give me help in my study

5. If you can specify the topic along with your objective (i.e. what do you want to achieve after reading these books), I can suggest you some good books.



Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments. They will be highly appreciated. I’ll reply ASAP if I know the answer. Send at

Religious Studies with Chartered Accountancy?
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