Equality of Gender in Islam and Materialism

Walikum Assalam wa rehmathullahi wa barkathu,

I have read some of your articles but i do not agree with gender equality, it is the imposition of Non-Muslims ideology upon Muslims. firstly we are different creations, we are no way similar, we have different code of conducts, different rules and laws. this differences create a beautiful mosaic of uniqueness, that’s why it is most often shown in traditions and culture. If you do not follow the Islamic laws then we can deprive each other their rights.

For example, my son a teenager eats more than my daughter. so, i feed him more on the other hand my daughter who is a year older to him eats less. if i give her more also she won’t eat. many feminists talk of equal rights as matter of fact when you disobey Allah’s hierarchy you are creating mess for yourself, gender roles are changing leading to same gender marriages. women go to gyms get muscular, men stay home take care of kids act feminine!

Men are stronger mentally and physically we have to accept the facts, they have double inheritance,we have to accept. Its Allah’s universe, an ant can not be an elephant, a cat can not be a rat. We have to accept the hierarchy!

Secondly, western ideology is materialistic thinking-a poor need to become rich. why can’t we be as ALLAH blessed and be happy. why we have to strive so hard for world achievements when they avail nothing in hereafter. When we are greedy we become achievers, greed breeds miseries, why do we teach our kids to be achievers of worldly dispositions, when we know in the end we leave it for others to enjoy, so why not concentrate on ourselves and akhirah and be travellers and be happy.


A Sister

Respected Sister

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

You do have a right to disagree with me. All of us are simple human beings and not prophets, so our views might not be correct and are subject to scrutiny and disagreement.

I fully agree with your point of view about difference of gender and also disagree with the Western ideology of equality of gender in all aspects. According to my point of view, men and women carry an equal status in front of Allah and will be treated equally by Him. Islam has considered the natural difference among two gender and based rights and responsibilities on this natural difference but this variance does not mean than one is inferior to other. Both of them carry equal position in front of God. It is a fact that certain differences among rights of both gender, as reported in books of Fiqh, are neither ordained by the Quran nor by the Sunnah. They are a product of mediaeval feudal system that were unintentionally inserted in the books of Fiqh. As a result of that, certain opponents of Islam claim that Islam assigns an inferior status of women and deprive them from certain rights.

I do condemn the West for a pure materialistic worldview which is one extreme. The other extreme is monasticism. Islam condemns both of them and suggests a medium approach. One should neither renounce the necessity of worldly achievements nor should he make the worldly affairs as prime objective if his/her life. You can see condemnation of both in my writings.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Walaikum Assalam Brother,

I have a slight difference of opinion here. When it comes to assessment I feel that Allah will be so critical in judgment that it will be gender based as well. why, because men and women think different and so their actions are different. Secondly, His assessment will be based on itellectual of an individual.

I wanted to bring the point that everyone is raised in a family with certain goals. like everyone wants their kid to be a doctor or engineer. if the world have been with doctors and engineer then who will be there for labor jobs. so its Allah’s blessing that some are good in studies while others fail. so, it makes sense that the world is run by everyone.thats the reason rich and poor pray together in masjid. we all are equal. its that we need to encourage to enjoy poverty. because rich also suffer! poor should also be respected in the society and kids need to be taught that its ok to be poor. its the belief and following of Allah’s commands that matters. Poverty is sunnath aswell.

Science says that sun is a star which i do not agree. shams, najam are different.? whats your thoughts on this?

Jazak Allah

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Even not on the basis of gender, Allah’s assessment will be according to the capabilities of each individual that includes his / her level of intelligence, balance of emotions vs. logic, impact of environment, way of thinking, intensity of emotions and desires, biological differences, psychological differences and a lot more. What I think that Allah’s meezan will be a supreeeeme computer that will assess each person on the basis of all of these factors and will determine his / her exact reward or punishment. I wrote an article on that issue:

Secondly, I agree with you that people are required at every level in the society. The fact is described in the Quran. You’ve correctly noted that the Almighty creates people of all types to fulfill every need of the society. Every person is not born to be a scholar or a doctor or a motor mechanic. We need all of them.

It does not mean that one should give up efforts to improve his/her position in the society. Every person has the right to struggle in order to improve position of his family. Islam has not stopped anyone to do so. Only condemnable attitude is that one completely ignores the spiritual aspect of his life and make material achievements his god and dedicate all his time and efforts to it. If someone keeps in mind the spiritual progress and pays heed to Allah’s commandments and also engage in struggle to improve his/her position from material aspect, it is not forbidden.

We have examples of Hazrat Uthman and A’bdur Rahman Ibn A’uf رضی اللہ عنہما who were very successful traders even in the life of the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Other top 10 companions عشرہ مبشرہ  include Talha, Saad and Zubair رضی اللہ عنہم who became very rich during the period of Caliph Umar and Uthman. So economic or material struggle is not bad in itself. It is bad only if a person completely ignores the spiritual requirements of religion due to it.

Despite of such struggle, as mentioned by you, Allah keeps an automatic balance by His natural تکوینی arrangement.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Equality of Gender in Islam and Materialism
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