How to avoid negative thinking about our country?


In our daily life, we talk about corruption, inflation, load-shedding, politics, terrorism etc. We protest on everything and look at them with a negative mindset. No issues are resolved by positive thinking but we also do not have any solution. What should we do? Answer in the light of religious teachings?


M. Ali 

Karachi, Pakistan

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Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

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The issues you’ve highlighted are a matter of fact so nobody can deny them. On the contrary, we cannot do anything about such issues except talking and increasing our frustration.

I solved this issue for myself in a way that I think only about things which I can do to improve the situation. It results in a light of hope. For example, talking about politics will not produce anything other than frustration. The real cause of negative issues in politics is overall moral weakness of the society. We elect corrupt people because we have some moral issues. So instead of criticizing the politicians, I try to reform the moral issues of my own personality and convey the same message to people who read my writings. I know that efforts of mine alone will not change the whole society but it will change at least a few persons. It will improve their lives and people living around them will get benefit of that. This sense give me a sense of satisfaction and I’m not got frustrated. I hope that if other people start working in the same way, it will change the whole society.

This could be clarified with an analogy. If we are stuck in darkness, there is no benefit of cursing darkness and being fret over it. If we simply lit a small lamp, it will reduce some darkness around us. If all people start doing this, darkness will be eliminated from the society. If all people do not do so, at least we can remove some of darkness. Following article gave me a lot of inspiration:

On this issue, I’ll appreciate if you read the Chapter 22, 23  of the Personality Development Program. I think it would be useful.

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Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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How to avoid negative thinking about our country?
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