Participating in Protests


Respected Mubashir Shb,

Alhmduallah all the things are fine and I also pray to God that u`re also safe and sound and u`re spending yr great time in the greatest and most respected place of ummah. Means in Saudi Arab. I hope u remember of yr student u can say yr book reader I hope u remember me.

Sir, now u know that very well that in our country is facing a very bad time specially Islam. Mean that now a lot of people showing that they are Muslims and they are the truly followers of Islam but as we know they could not follow the Islam but they are following them own Islam. In my opinion in the Islamic country no one has a right to take any kind of action against the law of the country especially if u are the residence of Islamic country. but I have read some books there some writers are allow to take the action of them self if u find anyone who is not follow of your words or if someone has a different opinion of your they kill them and saying very bravely that he is “KAFIR”. That`s why we kill him.

Now, one question is in my mind and it`s doing disturb me a lot of time so I have read some books for finding the answer of my question but still I am not satisfy some of Islamic scholars are rejected very strictly that we cannot be take the law on our hand it`s the work of the governments but we have to make sure matters always be identify to the governments. For this u can do a protest without any violence in the Islamic country. and we have a lot of Islamic movements some of them they are performing a protest against all the anti-Islam things without violence and some of them they always making a problem of us and governments too. That kind of religious parties making the bad face of Islam and Muslims too. 

For this matter I don`t know why I want to do something so I have one idea and now a days I’m trying to full fill of this gap. Because I cannot find any book there we can find the true picture of Islam with this regard and with the true words of holy prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).

Means in the Islamic country can we take the law in our hand for any Islamic issue. Or we can only protest against the issue without violence…

so I have a idea that if we can add all the sunna and the Hadith of holy prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) for this related. Like what is the work of governments and people of the Islamic republic societies? So might be our innocent people be understand that it`s not our job it`s a work of our governments and if we have any problem we just have right to highlight the true picture of this regarding matters not like that we do a violence and take the law in our hand.

For this I need your help to find the sunna and the true hadith of holy prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). I have checked the some books but I cannot be getting the hadith from there. Only the messages of the writers are available in the books. Or might be I am wrong there is already some books in the market but maybe I am not get those. So please and kindly guide me if there is already some books available in the same matters so I’ll take and read it or if you can also feel that my issue is correct so kindly advise me and also guide me what should I do??? Cause when I see the violence in the name of Islam. Under the Muslims I’m very upside and I feel that non-Muslim are happy to see that and joking on us.

My INPAGE is not working I wanted to do e-mail in Urdu but in page is not available right now cause I want that u can understand my question and my idea too. Could be u cannot understand some of things in my English cause I’m a student I’m not a professional so some of mistake be there so kindly ignore that Or if u are not understand some things just ask me again I’ll try to explain u. might be you have a question after reading my e-mail that why I am asking you for this? So sir, whatever work u have done it`s a very positive and the truly shape of Islam after reading of your books and views I feel that you are also a very sympatric person of Muslims and you want to provide the modern and truly knowledge of Muslim youth as you made it by your website.

Waiting of yr positive answer.

Thanks and regards,

Faisal Sheikh..

Dear Faysel Sb

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

It is a pleasure to receive your mail. I’m very happy that you’ve a great interest in collective affairs of Ummah.

I fully agree with you that taking law in one’s own hands is forbidden and the only thing we should do is to convey our message to government to correct anything wrong. We have the right to protest but it should not disturb lives of others. It is a very serious matter and issue of Haquq ul Ibad. Many of our religious people block roads and create problems for others which is strictly forbidden in Islam.

I’ve been writing on these issues since long time. You can see some of my writings:

 I’ve provided some of Ahadith in the third article above. There are a lot of Ahadith covering this issue. You can easily find them concentrated in “Kitab ul Imarah” of books like Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawood. This chapter of such books is related to government affairs. Some Ahadith could also be found in “Kitab ul Jihad”.

All these Hadith books are available at:

Please feel free to ask should you’ve any question.



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Participating in Protests
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