Friendship with a person involved in Sin


Assalam-o-Allaikum, Salamun Qaulum Mir Rab be Raheem;

Dear Mubashir, I hope you are doing all well. I am also fine. However, there is some problem for which I need your kind advice.

I am having a neighbor who is also my nice friend. We have formed an excellent friendship since last 2 or 3 months and very understanding one. However, there is something which he  has told me recently one month back and since them I am psychologically disturbed about this friendship. I am confused as should I continue or keep this friendship or not. One side I very much want to but on other side, the secret which he has revealed, compels me to break off with him. He is having relationship with a woman.

Now, being a student of Quran and as you know that I m having a very close relationship with Allah. This thing is disturbing me a lot. One side, I want to be friend of this guy because we have every nice understanding and I want to really have a friend like him because except this thing, he has no bad habits. However, this issue keeps irritating me and I feel I should break off with him otherwise Allah might get angry with me because he commands to not to befriend with those who go against his commandments.

My main question to you is, in your understanding: Is he in guilty of breaking a major commandment of Allah? Is he involved in a Major sin? Can friendship be kept with such person?

I really need your kind advice as soon as possible and easy for  you.

Best regards & many thanks in advance

A Friend

Karachi, Pakistan

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

In my opinion, you should keep friendship with him and try to bring him out of that rubbish activity. If you’ll leave him, it is possible that he may go farther on that track.

Despite of your all efforts, if he continues, you can break the friendship at a later stage.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Dear Mubashir;

Many many thanks for your kind advice. Just so you know that I have been trying a lot to drag him back but he again and again gets back to the track and I am afraid that this relation will may only end up through a disaster (God forbid).

However, please let me know about the answer of three main questions I asked u. I repeat again;

My main question to you is , in your understanding,

    1. Is he in guilty of breaking a Major commandment of Allah?

    2. Is he involved in a Major sin?

    3. Can friendship be kept with such person?

Kindly, let me know your opinion/answer whenever u get time easily.

Brgds & many thanks

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

The answers are:

1. Definitely he is breaking a major instruction of Allah. It is even a sin to think about it.

2. Yes, he is involved in a major sin.

3. Issue of friendship depends on your intention. If the objective is to bring him out of that filth, there is no harm in that. If there is a risk that you can be affected by his character, then it should be avoided. If it is just a ‘dunya darana’ (worldly) link and you’re not deeply involved with him, then it can be kept with any person.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

The guy I told you,…. finally I was able to persuade him to leave that major sin and by the grace of Almighty he has repented and also taken oath on Quran that he would not do that again.

A Friend

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Friendship with a person involved in Sin
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