How to get rid of Financial Problems?


Dear Mubashir Nazir Bhai


I have been studying your web site with interest and try to understand the things which I personally have never been to it.

The things of the matters are that for the last 10-12 years I have been having normal life and did not involve in any thing like stock exchange or currency market exchange.

All at sudden I get involved into Stock Exchange business as on part time basis and when the Stock Exchange crises came in 2005 I lost not only my money but the borrowed money as well. And on the same time my 4 younger Brothes and Sisters had to be married so being Elder brother of my family (as my father passed away in 2000), I borrowed money from banks and since then I have been burdened with Bank loans and I am so much into it that it is virtually imposible for me to get rid of these loans, and whatever I earn from my salary most of the amount goes to banks for interests and such.

Mubashir Bhai I feel ashamed when I stand in front of Allah in Salath and I feel that I am cheating with my own self because I do not obey Allah and have been paying interest for quite some time. That fact pushes me to shy with Allah and as you know I feel very upset and try to avoid standing in front of Allah, I do not feel calm and peace and as our Holly Prophet has said regarding Qarz that taking Qarz is so much burden which disturbs the Qarzdar even while sleeping.

I have prayed a lot and asked others for DUAS but I have not been came out of this crises which seems to be a evil cycle and it seems will never end.

Until or unless I got rid of this evil cycle I would appreciate your experienced analysis and guidance may be you being an exceptional experience person

I have also gone through your profile which tells a lot about your educational, professional and experience milestones. And your educational and professional standards persuade me to ask your guidance because I believe your experience will find a logical solution of my illogical stupidity as far as my problems are concerned.

I would be more than thankful if you can spare some time for the solution and guidance in my case.

Yours truly

MF, Karachi, Pakistan

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

It’s a pleasure to receive your email. Thanks for your interest in my website.

I’m very sorry to hear about your financial problems but I’m also very happy to read that you feel ashamed in front of Allah. This is an indication of your sincerity with Allah and He will definitely help you if you work hard in the correct dimension. You need an increase in your income multiple times to get rid of this vicious cycle. This can be achieved in two ways:

·        Improve your qualification

·        Migrate to another country where you can earn better income

I do not have much idea about your qualification / experience otherwise I may had advised you in more detail. If you start working on one of these two options now, Insha Allah you’ll feel that the things become right within a period of 2-3 years. If you need detailed advice, send me your complete CV to have idea about your existing qualifications / experience.

I hope this will help.

Remember in your prayers


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Dear Mubashir Nazir Bhai


I am so thankful to your time and reply.

I am a government employee (Income Tax Department) since 1994, I got the job just after my Intermediate and there I realized that getting education is very necessary for the successful life.

I did B.A. and then I completed M.A. (International Relations) and in evening shift I got admission in Al Khair University for M.C.S. I done my MCS in 2000-2001 and started my career as a lecturer of IT in a Government College on contract basis.

I did this job for two educational years and all at sudden the Govenment of Pakistan in 2004-2005 declared that there are some colleges/ universities whose degree will not be accepted due to sub-standard or violation of rules and regulations of HEC. I was forced to rejoin my government job in Income Tax Department, and by the way I was a Data Entry Operator and besides of my educational achievements, I am still a Data Entry Operator, because here in Pakistan if a middle class or lower middle class person gets education its a hell of a task to get the merit. I know some may argue that there are a lot of examples there that so many people have changed their lives after getting higher education but still there are a lot of examples like of myself.

Any how, I have been writing columns and articles on websites as a free lancer, so no income.

I hardly have any time left after reaching home from my duty at 6:00, and have to spent time with my family (Mother, Wife and Children).

I have tried to work as a Taxi driver, but out of luck, this job also requires much time and wear and tears are the unbearable, and instead of income I found it also worked against me.

As I have stated that I worked as a lecturer for two years so I did not get any sort of specialization in any particular discipline and being a 37 years old chap, when I see around, there are a lot of youngsters with advanced technical expertise and knowledge and of course I have a degree from an institution which is not recognized in Pakistan, so it is out of question to move to some other country for job purpose because all the countries require that does HEC endorse your degree or not.

All I have is my SAME working expertise and experience which is data entry in Urdu / English and working of a steno typist

I wish and looking forward to Allah for a sudden twist in my life from bad to Good. All is lost but the hope is still there.

I am in need of your DUAS as well, because you are doing such commendable jobs / tasks that InshahAllah your duas for me will be helpful for me.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

MF, Pakistan

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum

I’m impressed by your struggle. Unfortunately, even if your degree is recognized, there is very little demand for such academic qualifications. I was facing similar situation like you until 2001. Then I finished my ACCA and got rid of that vicious circle of poverty. Later on, I added two more certifications to enhance my career.

You are Ma sha Allah young and you have plenty of energy. You can pursue further qualifications which have market value. I suggest you two:

1. CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor). It has high demand in Pakistan and it is related to your previous field IT. After completing it, without any experience, you can get an initial job with a salary starting from Rs. 25000-30000. With experience, you can go to several hundred thousands. For more information, visit . It has just one paper.

2. CMA (Certified Management Accountant). It is also an easy qualification and will help you in finding a good job at Pakistan or Middle East. It is related to Accounting. For more details, see . It has two papers.

Based on your tendency, if you complete one of these certifications, you can get rid of your viciuos circle. Just talk with your family. I’m sure that they’ll help you by giving time to study after work because they’d also need to get rid of such circumstances. If you need any help in getting these certifications, please feel free to write me.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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How to get rid of Financial Problems?
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