Using Unlicensed Software

Dear Brother Aslam U Alakum,

This Question is again related to Personality development.

Before Question I think better to tell you the scenario,

I am working as Geoscientist. My job is skill-based but mostly software oriented. In this company where I am working, we are using a software package which is not well known in oil industry. Company does not provide us training on software that is not in company’s own software. And individually I can’t afford to pay for personal training. Moreover the companies who are the owners of well know industry software, they are our competitor companies, they don’t like to provide us training after all we are belonging to their competitor company. Therefore, even after 7 plus years experience none of other reputed organization entertain us (I am using word us for all Geoscientist who started working with my company and still working here). and this is because we are not proficient on the industry know softwares.

Usually companies hire those individuals who are already trained. Because of this deficieny i have been stuck in this company and could not get a good offer. perhaps i should i have not get any offer even the bad one and they simply screen out my CV and Resume in first glance.

That was the importance of software packages in this business.

Few days back one of my friend came from Pakistan. He has his friends working with a Pakistani Company. That Company is in business of Oil industry software testing. Because of this my friend’s friend gave him all softwares to install on any computer to use. You can these are Demo / pirated versions. It contains all the license. My friend is willing to share these softwares with me. When i am saying sharing, it means he allows me to install on my personal computer so that later we can learn how to use these softwares.

My interests are only to learn these softwares. How to operate these softwares. To learn what are the inputs and outputs, operation procedure. I have intentions to use these software packages for commercial use and I am not going to use these package for my parent company. I will not use these softwares for commercial purposes but only for educational and learning purpose.” Apparently , it can open the doors of new opportunities.”

Off course if the owner companies know they would not allow this thing.

Now I am confused. Am I allowed to use these softwares ???? or not?????

Apart for all benefits and advantage I don’t want to loose my religious credibility.

please advise in this regards


Muhammad Javid Akhtar

Doha, Qatar

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Regarding software, it is clear that it is the property of its developer and nobody has a right to use it without his permission. I’ll suggest you the following course of action:

…… Look for some similar software that is open-source.

…… If no open-source software is available in your field, you can read the terms and conditions of license. Usually, a license means “use by one user at one time”. It means that you could buy a license and divide it among four persons e.g. 6 hours available daily at different times.

…… Even for learning purposes, a poor person may put an excuse that due to his intense need to come out of poverty and not having money to pay for the license, he may use pirated software for his use. People like us living abroad and earning a good income should not put such excuse. I think it should be affordable to us.

…… You can directly contact with some responsible person of the company and ask their permission. I’m sure that they’ll be impressed by your honesty which may lead to open new avenues in your career


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

Dear Brother Aslam U Alakum,

They provide only corporate licenses not for individuals. Anyways i have decided not to use these applications and will wait untill unless Allah provide me a legal chance to use these. Inshallah will get an opportunity.


Muhammad Javid Akhtar

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Using Unlicensed Software
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