Wazeefa for Surgery

Assalamu alaikum Brother

I am going to have surgery. Should I go for it? Can you please suggest some Wazeefa for that?

Atif Cheema

Gujranwala, Pakistan

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

May Allah grant you full health. Making decision about the operation is job of a doctor. If your doctor is not sure, you should get opinion of another surgeon. If he is also not sure, then you will have to decide.

The best Wazeefa is prayer. You should continuously pray from Allah and the best way of prayer is Istikhara as the Prophet (sall Allah alaihi wassalam) told this procedure. Details are available here:

You should understand the meaning of this prayer. You should continuously do the Istikhara and Allah will open the ways. It is not essential that you see a dream but it will clarify you the way to do things In sha Allah by any means.

My prayers are with you. May Allah grant you complete health.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Wazeefa for Surgery
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