Huge bodies of A’ad People

AOA Mubashir Sahib

I greatly appreciate your e-mail. Right now i am busy reading your travel journal of Sacred places in Islamic world, and enjoying it its language is so simple.

I was wondering about an e-mail being circulated which gives the pictures of dead bodies which are huge in size and e-mail states that its the Qaum-e-Aad which is mentioned  in Quran-Karim. The excavations is being done by Aramco in Saudi Arabia and stated to be under control of Army I will forward you the e-mail of the same under a separate heading.

I wanted your views and find out if it is true.

You are living in our beloved Prophet’s country Really lucky. If you go to Mecca or Madina please remember us in your prayers .

I apologize for spelling mistakes in my previous e-mail thats because my laptop at home does not click and record few words and now i am using my hospital computer.


Dr Nasir Ayub


Dear Nasir sb

Wa alaikum us salam wa rahmatullah

Sorry for replying late. Actually it is hard to reply on working days due to busy schedule, so I’m replying on the weekend.

The mail was circulated two years ago. The issue is that if Aramco people have discovered that, something should be available on their website. It would have been a great discovery. There is nothing to conceal in it. So let’s wait until something is publicized through official channels.

It seems that someone has generated these pictures by computer and spread them through emails. If such skeletons are a fact, it should be open now. Usually, when some new archaeological site is discovered, scholars and researchers visit that site and take the possession of the discovered items. They are taken to laboratories, carbon-dating tests are performed and a lot of research work is done. After preservation, such items are kept in museums. For such a big discovery, it should have been a news headline on major newspapers, not a matter of circulated emails. There is no apparent reason to conceal, rather having such heritage is a great pride for the nation possessing it.

The Quran has mentioned the big bodies of A’aad but it does not necessarily mean that their bodies will be multiple times larger than the normal bodies. It may be possible that if the height of an average man is 5.5 feet, their average man may be 6.5 ft tall.

I’ll definitely remember you in my prayers at the Haramain. You are also requested to remember me in your prayers. Do pay me a visit if you come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj/U’mrah.



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Huge bodies of A’ad People
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