Rejection of Hadith & Historical Facts


Assalam u alaikum

I have attached a book in pdf format in this mail. this book confused me a lot as the author rejects most of the historical facts in Islam …..

Kindly help me out



Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum

The author is correct up to the extent that a lot of Ahadith / Historical Narrations were fabricated. Various people fabricated fake reports to support their sect / view. But all Ahadith / Historical Reports are not fabricated.

It is not the correct approach to simply reject a Hadith in which a person finds something confusing. There is a procedure to evaluate that Hadith. Our ancient scholars have established this procedure for evaluating correct / fabricated traditions.

The author has not applied the procedure of Hadith / Historical evaluation. If he had done so, he might have properly understood the meaning of various examples given by him.

You can read in the detail such procedure.

Please read the “Unit 1 & 13” of this book specifically. I’ve tried to answer the questions raised by the people who reject all Ahadith straight away.

If there is any question after reading this book, please feel free to ask me.



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Rejection of Hadith & Historical Facts
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