Can a person see God within this world?

Aslam U Alakum Mubashar Sahab, Hope you in best state of faith and health.

First Question is about Allah Subah wa tala. In fact in Bukhari sharif I think its Volume 8. I read the Aqeeda of the person who wrote the Urdu commentary of Bukhari. He was saying that their aqeeda is: When Prophet Muhammad PBUH met with Allah SWT on Meraj, Allah met with Prophet PBHU as a young man. Where the person wrote this faith….just after few pages there is a Hadeeth narrated by Hazart Aysha , stating that if somebody says that Muhammad PBUH saw Allah then he is telling a lie because nobody can see Allah. Can you please explain about the faith of Ahle sunnah about the concept of Allah. Can we see Allah in this world or can we see Allah in the Hereafter? If it so, then don’t you think we are applying limitations.

A Brother

Doha, Qatar

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah

I was in Pakistan during last month and was unable to access the internet there. Now I’m back. The answers to your question is as follows:

It is clear from the Quran that nobody could see Allah within this life لا تدركه الأبصار. However, we’ll see Allah in the hereafter.

The issue of Allah’s visibility to the Prophet is taken as an exception to this rule. There is disagreement among the companions of the Prophet on this. Syeda Ayesha رضی اللہ عنہا strongly disagree with this opinion that the Prophet has seen God. Pir Karam Shah Sb has conducted a detailed discussion on this issue in the exegesis of Surat-ul-Najm (53) and provided the arguments of both groups. You can read them and decide at your own. Since both views have support from certain companions, therefore, it is not a material issue to adopt a particular point of view.

We are not imposing any limitation to God. It is our weakness that our eyes are not able to observe Him.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Can a person see God within this world?
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