What is Metaphysics?

Asalamu Alaykum…

plz send me some meterial abt metaphysics……….origination n its

value n reality with respect to Islam.


Neha Malik

Respected Sister

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Metaphysics is a product of human thinking about the non-physical reasons of this universe. For example, we see matter in this universe. Various questions arise in our mind, who made this universe? From where this matter come? What is after our life? Etc.

When philosophers try to answer these questions, the discipline of metaphysics comes into existence. The problem is that the philosophers have not sound basis of establishing their opinions because the answers to these questions are not observable. Religion attempts the same and provide such answers on the basis of revelation. As a prophet has direct communication with God, so he can answer better such questions. Therefore, the philosophy of metaphysics is nothing except allusions of philosophers but the metaphysics of religion is firmly grounded on strong evidence. It is useless to study metaphysics for a common person. If a person wants to be a specialist in philosophy, (s)he can do so.

More details about it can be read here:



Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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What is Metaphysics?
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