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Success: What is it?


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Success? What is it? What is the way to it? What are the rewards? Do you have a right to succeed? The answers to these questions are in this brief article. It is about success. It is about you and how you can succeed…..

All too often we hear others saying, "Get in line and wait your turn." This idea is all too common. It isn't the road to success, but rather failure. It turns our hopes into forgotten dreams. So, we must be on the look out for such statements, particularly if they are designed to keep us from realizing success.

الحاد جدید کے مغربی اور مسلم معاشروں پر اثرات۔ موجودہ دور کا الحاد انکار خدا نہیں بلکہ انکار آخرت پر مبنی ہے۔ اس الحاد نے پہلے مغربی معاشروں کو متاثر کیا اور اس کے بعد مسلم معاشروں پر اپنے اثرات مرتب کئے۔ ان اثرات کا تفصیلی تجزیہ دیکھنے کے لئے کلک کیجیے۔

Yes, being successful can spoil some people. They begin to think everything revolves around them. They become egotistical and, unfortunately, believe only they have the right answers to every question. The dangers of success have been written about for years, but that is not the purpose of this article.

This article is about "What is success, the way to it, and your right to be successful?" It is about you and how you can become a success. ….

Success begins, therefore, first with your instincts to follow logical thinking. Then, the best way to succeed is to begin with a reasonable plan for realizing your hopes and expectations. The process is a journey if not an adventure with surprises on every front. It begins with the first step, however small even if your goals should change along the way. At least, take the step and become part of history.

I do not personally think it is necessary to be mean or unethical to be successful. Certainly, many successful people are mean, closed-minded, and unethical. When their views are too one-sided, they set the stage for infighting along the way. The result is unfortunately a lost opportunity to build into existing organizations new ideas and possibilities. ….

To be successful, to do something that will help others, and to keep a sound mind in the process, you must be motivated to succeed regardless of the consequences. You must be willing to work hard when you have to. Are you willing to take risks? Do you sincerely want the dream of professionalization to become reality? ….

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Robert Collier

Remember: Successful people want to take on professional responsibilities and enjoy making endless decisions to help others.

·       They are not troubled by insecurities.

·       They are convinced of their own worth and self-realization.

·       They know that responsibility is the key to becoming autonomous.

·       They expose themselves to risk.

·       They are curious.

·       They ask questions.

·       They listen to other people's problems.

·       They deliver what they promise.

·       They are ready to seize the opportunity.

·       They are ready to gamble on their hunch.

·       They are able to concentrate on what is important.

·       They have a passion for winning.

The problem is that too often even successful people make major mistakes. They ask for less than they could get! …. It would have been better (from the beginning) to have requested for far more than we thought we deserved, and surprisingly we would have gotten more (and, in particular, respect). It is just good common sense to prefer a professional who thinks highly of himself to someone who seems to lack confidence and position. …..

I can't remember who said the following, but it has an interesting ring of truth. "He who is waiting for something to turn up might start with his own shirt sleeves."

(Excerpts from a writing of Dr. Toomy Boone, Courtesy: www.srikumar.com, www.css.edu)

Your question or comments may improve this article. Send your questions and comments through email at mubashirnazir100@gmail.com

Think about it!

·       Evaluate your own personality by the criteria set by the author in above mentioned bullet points. (Make this evaluation for your own. If you want to share something personal, send it to us.)

·       Personality attributes required to succeed in this test life are also required to succeed in our real life i.e. the hereafter. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, take each attribute mentioned above and apply it to the success of hereafter. If no, state your reasons.

Please send your answers through email to post your comments on this web page.

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