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Asslam alikum,

Its me tanzeel here again, I want to ask you have done a lot of research on the different islamic organisations, which do u think is on the right track and can bring about a positive change in the society.

Tanzeel Afzal, Lahore, Pakistan

Jan 2011

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

Now a days, I'm writing a detailed book on this topic. Once finished, will share with you. I do not comment on specific persons or organizations. I've concluded that all those people and organizations who are trying to build morality among Muslims, educating them on religious and worldly affairs, and fighting against poverty are doing the greatest job. Building character and struggling against poverty and ignorance is the biggest challenge of the Ummah. Other people may differ from this opinion but it is based on a long research over the work of many organizations and the outcome of their efforts. So elaborating the reasons for forming this opinion requires a book.



Asslam alikum,

Elevation of poverty would be only possible when there is an interest free economic system, and the present banking system is in the hands of enemies of Muslims ....what do u say on this?



Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

I disagree with this approach. Definitely, an interest-free economic system is the key to alleviate poverty but it does not mean that nothing could be done in present circumstances. We never live in an ideal world. Therefore, we have to fulfill our responsibilities in the existing conditions which may not be ideal. The so-called enemies of Islam have no absolute power in the world. It is just propaganda launched by their enemies. If you read their literature, you'll find similar comments about Muslims. They do have partial influence in world affairs but in many matters, we are more powerful than them. For example:

1. No enemy of Islam can stop me in spending a portion of my income to help my brothers and sisters.

2. No enemy of Islam can stop me to establish an institution to fight against poverty in my society.

3. International monetary institutions do have influence over our governments but if our rulers decide to minimize corruption and use that money in alleviating poverty, they can do and international institutions cannot stop them. Good examples of some of our governments can be presented as evidence. It is actually our corruption due to which major portion of our wealth goes to the pockets of our corrupt elite.

4. If you see the list of top 100 rich people in the world, you'll find many Muslim names. Who stops them to spend their wealth in alleviating poverty in their societies? If Bill Gates decides to spend his wealth on welfare activities and research, why not a Muslim rich man could do that, who claims to believe in Allah, His Prophet and the Hereafter?

Our problem is that we ignore our own weaknesses and try to blame some external party for our wrongdoings. Similarly, we start thinking about ideal circumstances to start our work. Instead of that, we should start doing our work from the point we are as of today. Then Allah will help us and circumstances would be better.

Instead of thinking in macro terms (which are beyond our control), we should think in micro terms which are under our control. If one can help just one family to come out of poverty, it will be a great achievement. If one could do so with 12 families in a year, it will be magnificent success. So we should work on it and also advise others to work in the same way. In addition to that, we should also admonish our rulers and elite class to do their best at macro level.

I hope this will clarify my position.



Asslam alikum,

Sorry to reply u a late

I agree to most of your words, if you talk about charity here in Pakistan a person even from labour class gives a lot of charity. and if you know about the shrine of hazrat ali hajvery, people give a lot of charity and spend a lot of their disposable income. Once a person told me no one in Pakistan would die of hunger such is the charity level. But this is the brighter side of the coin the dark side is our financial and banking system which is based on interest and capitalism. Majority of our markets are driven by interest our transactions have interest our day to day dealings are based on the interests. This is at the micro level at macro level the whole governments are in debt to federal reserves and world bank. Letís take Pakistanís example the recent rise in the electricity prices and the indirect taxes on the products was done in order to satisfy the conditions of the aid from America. Now a poor who consumes electricity and products having VAT would resultant become more poor, while the rich will remain rich and this is how this goes on.......

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

I agree with your point of view. As your original question was about the organizations, so my reply was that those who are fighting against corruption, poverty and ignorance, they are doing their job.

So we should do our best to improve the situation and leave the result to the Almighty. We should do whatever we could do at micro level at least.



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