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asalam o alaikum..

internet pe apka "qurani arabi program" dekha bht pasand aya.. abhi tak jitna parha smjh b aya aur sahal bhi laga.. ik sawal ka jawab chahongi.. apki mukhtalif mashqo mai "awaz ko download kar k suneye" k baray main likha hai lkn mujhy kahen koi aesa link nahi mila.. azrah e karam wazeh kar degeye..

November 2010

محترم بہن

وعلیکم السلام ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

آپ کی دلچسپی اور تاثرات کا بہت شکریہ۔ اس لنک کو دیکھیے:




صفحے کے آخر میں "تجوید سیکھنے کے لئے آڈیو فائلز" کا سیکشن ہے جس میں ہر سبق سے متعلق آڈیو فائلز دی ہوئی ہیں۔ انہیں ڈاؤن لوڈ کر لیجیے اور سبق میں دی گئی ہدایات کے مطابق سن لیجیے۔




Dear Muhammad Mubashir Nazir Sab.


I am interested in Qurani Arabi Program but when i down loaded it seems many pages displayed "couldn't render the page".

Question is ... is it an error in downloading or it is just SAMPLE and i have to pay the price to download or get complete program???

Plz mention

Jazakallah Khair


Syed Bu Hussain Bukhari

December 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your interest. The program is free of cost. There might be some problem in download. Just download them again. If you tell me the level and language i.e. Urdu/English, I can tell you the file size so that you can confirm that you've received the full file.



Dear Mubashir Sahib

Assalam o alaikum

I have downloaded again the 2 books

Urdu books

level one size is 4.09 MB and level two size is 5.92.

each book is missing approximately 86 pages after every 4 to 6 pages.

Kindly help me

Jazakallah Khair


Bu Hussain Bukhari

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

The size is correct. I've redownloaded the files to another computer and checked. They are working and no page is missing. I'm unable to understand the reason. Please check the English version of these books whether it is working.

I'm sending you the Level 1 by this email, please confirm whether it's working or not.



Assalam o Alaikum Mubashar sahib

its my system fault.

My adobe reader was old version and unregistered so it blocked some pages to show because it wanted registration.

Now i have installed registered version 9  and it showed complete book which i have already downloaded.

I am very much sorry that i disturbed you ..... it was my system fault not mine .... i just wanted to learn Quran

Sorry again.

Jazakallah khair

May Allah give you best reward in both lives.


Syed Bu Hussain Bukhari

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

No problem brother. My time is for brothers like you. Many thanks for providing this information to me which is very useful. If someone else faces the same issue, I can tell him to check the version of his adobe reader.

Please feel free to ask should you have any question while reading this program.



Brother Mubashir Nazir,

Assalamu Alaikum.

Alhamdullilah, That I happen to see your Arabic Learning Book, level 1 in Scribd. I have been trying to learn arabic on my own for a while to understand Quran better. After I downloaded it I could not wait to see whats in it. Alhamdullilah, What I read so far, Insallah, it would be helpful.

All these happening in matter of 2 hours or so. I was up for Tahazzud, shehri and happen to sit in front of my computer for few minutes.

I saw your web page, your accomplishment, your dedication and I am impressed.


We need people like you, so that 2Billion muslims could wake up again and take the leadership. So, we understand our job and responsibilities and commitment.  I was also surprised to see you and I are both working in the same field. Though your credentials are much more impressive with CISA, CIA. I came to this road by accident and stuck with it since 2002. I am from Bangladesh. My educations are BS(ME), MS (Ind. Mgt), and M.BA. I work for Office of Inspector General - US Postal Service. I have been living USA over 30 years.

Brother, I will not waste your time anymore. Insallah, I will be reading your books and articles for a while.

Insallah, I will be in touch.

May Allah, give you the strength and courage to do the work you are doing. I am sure Allah has chosen you for the job. You are successful in this world and the next world in my book.

Allah Hafez.

Fazle Rabbee


September 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

It is a pleasure to receive your email and nice comments that I do not deserve. There is no question of wasting my time. It is dedicated to the brothers like you who earnestly strive in the way of Allah.

Your accomplishments and qualifications are also very impressing. You are more oriented towards technical aspect of IT while I'm focused on governance, application functional reviews and general controls.

It is amazing that you are going to learn the Arabic. I'll wait for your specific comments on the program. I'll appreciate if you complete all five levels of this program and provide me with your feedback. It is available at:


Do remember in your prayers,

wassalaam & Eid Mubarak in advance


Asslam o Allykum.

Books of Quranic Arabic Learning are available in printed form, if yes from where i got and what is the price.

thank you

Best regard

Muhammad Ashraf


September 2010

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your interest. I'll appreciate if you can introduce yourself.

The book has not yet been published in printed format. It is only available in PDF form at my website. If you have a habit of reading on paper, you can get it printed by yourself. I hope that printing cost will be comparable to buy a published book.

If you can provide your valuable comments on it, it will be a great help. Feel free to ask any questions arising while reading this book.



Asalam O Alykum,

Please consider following suggestions for your Arabic Language Program and Books:

Point 1. I would advise that you get another domain (like wwww.ArabicClass.net etc) specifically for Arabic courses/ materials and split your site in 2. There is one technical benefit and one psychological I will be mentioning both:

A : Technical) When you get a domain with word "Arabic" or "Learn Arabic" or something similar it would be better categorized and ranked with search engines, in 15/20 days Google will automatically include your website and with little effort you can list it on other search engines with good ranking. By using right tags in right places it would not be a big issue.

Example:) www.arabicpod.net - www.arabic101.com (these sites have word arabic in domain and have good ranking in google)

http://www.laits.utexas.edu/aswaat/index.php - www.thefiks.org (these sites have also Arabic learning materials but most people don't know about these sites since the domain doesn't suggest Arabic)

B : Psychological) Since you have mixed up your Arabic Program with your Articles on religious issues; from the mindset of people I know many people will not take part in Arabic program as they differ with your religious views they might think internet is evil and they will go astray. Now there is a question: Is this your duty to please them? Answer: No; but to please Allah you might consider removing things that might become unnecessary hurdle for people to gain knowledge of their Deen. Once trained in Arabic and the ability to read and comprehend books themselves they may agree with your religious points later; the same points which once they saw devastating.

Point 2. On later stages you can start with Online Certification and Testing in Arabic on the same domain...that is it would be a website specialized for Arabic learning and Online Testing. This first step with online Arabic testing and certification is easy and achievable then certification on religious texts, since there is only one aspect with it and its Technical expertise. Online Training and Certification on religious text have multi-dimensional problems associated with it.

Point 3: Later on website you can make videos on Arabic subjects...upload to Youtube and supplement your website with videos.

If you proceed; I suggest to make it an Arabic <> Urdu and not Arabic <> English website. Since for Arabic <> English there are tons of websites and books work needs to be done in Arabic <> Urdu.


Zeeshan Zia, Muscat Oman

May 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah

The ideas are excellent. I'll definitely consider your valuable suggestions in my long-term plans. Although a lot of Arabic-English programs are available on internet but they take up to a certain level and don't go beyond that. You can say that such courses are good for beginners and intermediate-level students but they've little attraction for advanced students. I'm saying this on the basis that I examined such courses personally for my learning but failed to find some advanced course.

I've tried to take a student to go up to the highest level of Arabic learning. You can experience that at Level 4 & 5. Although there is still room for much improvement and growth but nobody tried it before to take the students up to that level.

Thanks once again for your sincerity and kind comments.



Asslamo Alaikum Br Mubashir,


May Allah reward you for your effort. I have found your Arabic leaning program very useful and I have started learning from it. Previously I had some exposure to Arabic Sarf but not to the level that I can read Arabic literature.

I wish I could read Arabic literature after  this course. I have purchased this book

http://www.albalagh.net/bookstore/?action=view&item=1143 [Madarij As-Salikeen By Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah (RA)]

But I don't understand it. Price of this book is $35/=. Please buy it.

In the meantime I would humbly request you  to please start  translating chapter by chapter  or add it in your course of Arabic, the book by Ibn Qayyim.The best thing  could be you can post your audio learning files so that many people can benefit  from  this sincere effort.

Madarij As-Salikeen By Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah (RA)



May Allah elevate your ranks.

Jameel Ahmad

San Diego

May 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Its a great pleasure to receive your mail. Many thanks for your kind comments. Hopefully, you'll be able to fully read the Arabic books by the end of Level 4.

I have this book of Ibn Qayyam along with his complete collection. All of his books are available free of cost in scanned PDF format at:


I've a plan to include this book in the advanced courses related to Tazkiya Nafs Insha Allah. There are some other areas like Quranic Studies, Hadith Studies etc. I'm covering now. Insha Allah when I'll start working on it, I'll include that.

If you develop your skills in Arabic, you'll be highly welcomed to translate the book in English/Urdu. I'll be very glad to publish it on my website.

Remember in your prayers



May 2010

Assalam Alaikum

Yesterday during search for learning arabic to understand Quran I saw your website and found your books very valuable for studying and learning arabic to understand quranic arabic. I want these books printed as printing on laser printer is not easy for me. I shall be highly obliged in this if you guide me to collect these books in a printed form and from where I can get them in Pakistan. I am a graphic designer doing job job in an event management company in Karachi, Pakistan, I shall feel proud if I may do some work for you for free as it is obligatory for us to do all for the sake of Allah.

(Hafiz) Mohammed Tariq Iqbal

May 2010

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

Many thanks for your kind comments. It is yet available in softcopy. Hopefully, it may be published in printed format after some time but not at the moment. An easy way is that if some other people are interest, all of you can print one copy and make photocopies. It may be a cheaper option.



Asalam O Alykum,

With reference to the section "Quran Arabic Program" at your website; please check the possibility of adding more test questions for each section.

This will help us ensure we get the material right as was initially intended.

A small suggestion for your website; since your website has many articles and books in Urdu it would be very beneficial for most of the visitors if you can add a section in Urdu on higher Education links. As higher education in European countries is free (in some countries they started charging some fees for non EU students)

By time you can improve, many in Pakistan don't know about it - those who know even they don't know that they can apply directly without agents.

One such site is


https://www.studera.nu/studera/1374.html  [english]

Here from one place you can apply for all courses/ universities in Sweden. Next application date is starting from 1st June.

Best Regards,


Muscat, Oman

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Many thanks for your kind comments. Your idea of practice sessions is excellent. I fully agree with this. The basic theme of the "Quranic Arabic Program" is "learn by practice". Almost 70-80% of the pages of each text book are dedicated to practice and test questions. The program has two series of lessons:

A Series is about grammar rules. I've tried to explain the rules in 1-2 pages in each lesson and then 6-7 pages are dedicated for tests and practice.

B Series is literature. It involves practical work about translating Arabic text into the native language of the student. Necessary information is provided to it. 100% of this series involves practice.

Your idea of adding links for higher education is good. Actually I do not write about / suggest anything to the readers unless I've experienced it myself or I'm fully satisfied with the service / content of that. Since I'd never got a chance to study in or even applying for admission in any Western University, so it will be difficult for me to suggest something which I've not experienced. My experience is with their professional institutions about business studies e.g. ACCA, ISACA & IIA. That I can suggest. But now I'm trying to dedicate the website for religious studies and issues. Anyway, your suggestion is good and I'll consider it definitely.

Thank you once again for your sincere advice. We'll meet Insha Allah on your arrival here if I'll be in KSA.

Remember in your prayers



Dear Nazir Bhai,

Hope that you are doing well. I am Faisal from Afghanistan. I am very pleased from your website and from your articles.

I want to learn Arabic orally. Do you have suggestion? Or if you have updated articles please send me via same email I would be pleased very much.

Your sincere student

Faisal Qaanay

Nov 2009

Dear Brother Faisal

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

Its nice to receive your email. I'm pleased to know that there are people in Afghanistan who read Urdu. Many thanks for your kind comments on my website.

Regarding Arabic Course, I'm developing an Arabic Course focused on the language of the Quran and the Islamic Literature. The link is:

Urdu Version: http://www.mubashirnazir.org/Courses/Arabic/AR001-00-Arabicurdu.htm

English Version: http://www.mubashirnazir.org/Courses/Arabic/AR001-00-Arabic.htm

If you want to learn spoken Arabic, you should be in an environment where people speak Arabic. You can start with some Modern Arabic Books to learn the basic dialogues but practically they are very different from the slang Arabic spoken in the Arab Countries.

I can give you better advise, if you provide me more details about your objective to learn Arabic, educational background, past experience etc.

What about the conditions in Afghanistan now? How the life going on?



Nov 2009

Dear Brother Nazir,

I am very pleased having your response regarding my matter. It has led me write once again to let you know the objective of learning Arabic language. It is because I am very interested learning foreign languages especially Arabic. And currently I can speak by four languages such as English, Urdu, Pashto and Persian. But Arabic is little bit difficult for me to speak but I can read properly and can understand the meaning little bit. And I have been studying Islamic books since 3 years in Arabic language.

Brother Nazir I would also prefer having articles about management if you have.

However, it is your kindness taking care of us. The current circumstance of Afghanistan is good. And everyone is trying to develop their standard according to the strategy of their desire.

Your comments about my matter are always welcome

Faisal “Qaanay

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum

Masha Allah its great that you know four languages. I read somewhere that Pashtun people have the capability of learning a lot of languages. That looks true in your case.

If your objective to learn Arabic is to read Islamic literature, you can go ahead with the course I'm developing. I've sent you the links for both English & Urdu versions. Level 1 & 2 are online. Level 3 will be online in a couple of weeks Insha Allah. Level 4 & 5 will be online in next 2-3 months Insha Allah. (Now all five levels are online).

Regarding management, some excellent articles are available at www.bnet.com . You can search the articles on management.

Remember in your prayers



Nov 2009

Mohataram mubashir sahab..

App ka safar nama padha... bhut behtreen hai... Allah s.w.t aap ke safare haj wa safare madina ko qabool kare.. ameen.

main ne aap ki " QURANI ARABI PROGRAM LEVEL 01" download ki hai aur kuch waqat nikal kar arabi sikhne ki koshish kar raha hun.. Bhut behtreen andaz se aaap ne iss kitab ki tarteeb de hai.... bass ek guzarish ye karna chahunga khe .... agar aaap jo MASHQ / IMTIHANAAT ( TEST ) hote hain.... unn ke jawabaat aakhiri safah par likh diya karen to new talibe-ilam ke liye bhut sahulat hogi.... Darasal iss se pahle main aur bhi dusri kitabon se arabi sikhne ki koshish kar raha tha magar.... jab bhi koyi Mashq/test aata to uss ke jawabat apne taraf se likh lene ke baad confusion rahtat tha khe jawab sahi hai ya galat...... to iss ko confirm karne ke liye agar end pages me unn sawalat ke jawabat small font me likh liye jaaye .... ( jaise ... guide wagaira me last 3-4 pages pe answers likhe hote hai... yaa.... jaise ... riyazi ki books me pichle pages par jawabat hote hai jiss ke zaraye new talibe ilam apne jawabat ko dekh kar confirm kar sakta hai)..... agar aap aane wale level -02 me iss chiz ka izafa karen to hum jaise... logo ko bhut nafa hoga.....

Janab waise... ye iss nachiz ka mashwara hai.... waise aaap ko agar munasib na lage to iss baat ko darguzar karna.... bass jo main ne mehsoos kiya usse aap ko bataya....

bass... mere liye duaa karna.

agar moqa mile to iss mail ka jawab dena...

Faqat ... nachiz....................

Noor Mohammed

Mumbai, India

July 2009

محترم بھائی


وعلیکم السلام و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ


آپ کے تاثرات اور تجویز کا بہت بہت شکریہ۔ اپنی تجاویز سے ضرور مطلع فرماتے رہیے۔ میں نے عربی پروگرام کے جوابات کی ایک علیحدہ کتاب تیار کی ہے جو اسی زپ فائل میں موجود ہے جہاں سے آپ نے ٹیکسٹ بک حاصل کی ہے۔ کتاب کے آخر میں جوابات کی بجائے الگ کتاب کا طریقہ اس لئے اختیار کیا ہے کہ ایک تو اس سے فائل کا سائز بہت بڑھ جاتا ہے اور دوسرا یہ کہ طالب علم کے لئے یہ آسانی ہے کہ وہ بیک وقت دونوں کتب کو کھول کر آمنے سامنے رکھ کر ان کا مطالعہ کر سکتا ہے۔

اگر آپ کے ذہن میں کوئی سوال ہو تو بلا تکلف ای میل کر دیجیے۔ اپنا تعارف بھی کروا دیجیے تو عین نوازش ہو گی۔

دعاؤں کی درخواست ہے۔



اگست 2009



    How are you Mubashir Sahib. Main yeh janna chata hoin kay kya aap nay koi new article likha hai. Agar likha hai to mujhay meray email per send kar dain. Mujhay aap kay article bhoot pasand hain.

   Aap nay jo quran arabic say urdu main sikhanay ka course start kya hai woh bhi bhoot acha hain.

    Main arabic language sikhana chata hoin ais baray main bhi koi course batai.


Irfan Rasheed

June 2009

محترم عرفان صاحب

وعلیکم السلام و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ

آپ کی ای میل کا بہت بہت شکریہ۔ ان دنوں پوری توجہ عربی کورس کی طرف ہے جس کی وجہ سے کوئی نیا آرٹیکل نہیں لکھ سکا۔ عربی کورس کا ایک لیول تو شاید آپ دیکھ چکے ہیں۔ انشاء اللہ جلد ہی اگلے لیولز بھی آن لائن ہو جائیں گے۔

عربی زبان سیکھنے کے بارے میں آپ کا شوق قابل تعریف ہے۔ انشاء اللہ جلد ہی اس کے لیول 2, 3, 4, 5 آن لائن کرنے کی کوشش کر رہا ہوں۔ (اب الحمد للہ پانچوں لیول آن لائن ہو چکے ہیں۔)


اپنی دعاؤں میں یاد رکھیے اور رابطے میں رہیے۔ اپنے قیمتی تاثرات سے آگاہ کرتے رہیے۔ اللہ تعالی آپ کا حامی و ناصر ہو۔



جون 2009

As-salamu alaikum,

I am very much impressed by your skills and achievements, specially Arabic translations.

I am a Pakistani working in UAE, how do I learn good Arabic, to be able to read good Islamic Arabic books? Any advice? I do also read a lot about religion.

Best Regards,

Dr. Imran N. Junejo

Univerity of Sharjah

May 2009

Dear Imran sb

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

It is nice to receive you email. Many thanks for your kind comments. Most of the courses available for the Arabic language are oriented towards the present-day Arabic being spoken in the Arab countries. If you want to learn specifically the Arabic used in Islamic texts, you need to learn the Academic Arabic. In that some good courses are available like that of Madinah University but all of them are in Arabic language.

In order to fill this gap, I'm developing a course for Arabic language. Its Level 1 is available at the following link:

http://www.mubashirnazir.org/courses/IS001-00-Studiesurdu.htm (now all five levels are online)

Please feel free to share your views and comments. If you have any question at any point, feel free to send me an email.

Remember in your prayers.



May 2009

مصنف کی دیگر تحریریں

Quranic Arabic Program / Quranic Studies Program / علوم القرآن پروگرام / قرآنی عربی پروگرام  /  سفرنامہ ترکی  /    مسلم دنیا اور ذہنی، فکری اور نفسیاتی غلامی  /  اسلام میں جسمانی و ذہنی غلامی کے انسداد کی تاریخ   /  تعمیر شخصیت پروگرام  /  قرآن  اور بائبل  کے دیس میں  /  علوم الحدیث: ایک تعارف   /  کتاب الرسالہ: امام شافعی کی اصول فقہ پر پہلی کتاب کا اردو ترجمہ و تلخیص  /  اسلام اور دور حاضر کی تبدیلیاں   /  ایڈورٹائزنگ کا اخلاقی پہلو سے جائزہ    /  الحاد جدید کے مغربی اور مسلم معاشروں پر اثرات   /  اسلام اور نسلی و قومی امتیاز   /  اپنی شخصیت اور کردار کی تعمیر کیسے کی جائے؟  /  مایوسی کا علاج کیوں کر ممکن ہے؟  /  دور جدید میں دعوت دین کا طریق کار   /  اسلام کا خطرہ: محض ایک وہم یا حقیقت    /  Quranic Concept of Human Life Cycle  /  Empirical Evidence of God’s Accountability


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