Huroof Muqata’at, Letters at the beginning of Quranic Surahs

Asalam O Alykum,

I was in touch with you over gmail quite a time before while in Oman. I need your help in following:

There is a bureaucrat who believes that “Nobody can make perfect communication even prophets and God” then he quote example of “Alif Laam Meem” from Quran that God decend something that we humans can’t interpret.

I have an opportunity to write 1 page assignment for subject “How different people interpret same thing differently” and I want to use this opportunity to discuss and clear his doubt about this issue. Can you guide me on the ayats/ tafseer points clarifying that “God did communicated perfectly” and why (if he is wrong) he is wrong with his argument.

I have only 1 page for this.



Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

 It is a pleasure to receive your mail after long time.

 In my opinion, it is not correct to draw this conclusion from Huroof Muqatta’aat. Definitely, if Allah wants to send some message to His slaves, He will definitely make it clear according to their level so that they can understand it. Everyone is Mr. Different and it is quite natural to perceive and interpret things differently. It depends on the background, education and experience of a person. Communication of Allah is always perfect to His slaves according to their level. Same is the case with prophets.

Regarding Huroof Muqat’aat, scholars have different opinions. Many ancient scholars considered them a communication of Allah that was specific to His Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Some have declared them Mutashabahat. A more detailed theory is presented by Hamiduddin Farahi and his disciples that these are the names of Surahs. It was an ancient practice to denote real objects with a single letter e.g. ن means a fish because it looks like a fish-head and ط means a snake because it a sitting cobra resembles it. The reason is that alphabet forms are derived from the pictorial script that was common in the ancient world. You can find pictorial writing on Egyptian inscriptions. The current scripts of different languages evolved from the pictorial script. Since these letters are pictures, so it became common to name objects by alphabets.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Huroof Muqata’at, Letters at the beginning of Quranic Surahs
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