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Assess Yourself A Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The objective of the religion is “Soul Purification” or “Personality Development”. This questionnaire will help you in assessing yourself in the light of the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. It is developed by one of my friends Professor Muhammad Aqil and translated into English by Professor Zawwar Hussain.


A. It attempts to provide a complete list of orders and instructions given by Islam.

B. It quantifies the Islamic instructions and identifies their intensity.

C. It calculates the score in points for a Muslim and tells him where he/she stands.

D. It offers a Muslim an interesting approach to assess his progress in Islam.

E. It calculates the score in points automatically by means of Excel formula.

F. It gives a reference of each question from the Quran or Hadith in the Reference Sheet.


Read each of the questions carefully and write 1 in the desired column.

A. If the question is not relevant to you, write 1 in N.A. Column.

B. Do not write  or delete anything in SCORE or N.A. SCORE columns

C. Once you fill in all the cells, your score will be displayed after each section

D. Similarly, the grand score will also be displayed in the end.

E. You can use the questionnaire again by deleting the filled columns

Fill in the following compulsory part, if the answer is yes, go to the next sheet.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire-English