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Different between Academic and Propagandistic Writings

Based on our experience with different types of writings, we can classify those under two categories: Serious academic writings and propagandistic ones. The objective of this essay is to establish criteria to differentiate between the two. The following comparison and contrast will help us in doing so:


The above-mentioned details are applicable to other genres like film, drama, documentaries, novels, talk shows etc. However, you will find majority of them as propagandistic and it is very hard to find a film, drama, documentary, novel and talk show produced in academic style.

Based on the above, I would like to advise you the following:

— While reading a book, article etc. determine whether it is academic or propagandistic.

— Focus on academic writings and ignore the propagandistic ones.

— If you do not find academic writings on a subject and only propagandistic writings are available, try to find some writings of the opponent and form your opinions after reading the both.

— While analyzing the propagandistic writings, differentiate between verifiable arguments and non-verifiable arguments. Focus on the first and ignore the second. For instance, especially articles written on political subjects in newspapers, intelligence reports or oral claims of eye-witnesses are provided as an evidence which could not be verified. A clear-cut proof is the one which is easily verifiable.

— Whenever you write a book or an article, try to pen in academic style. Rational readers reject propagandistic styles and mark a red circle around the name of the author. So be careful, writing in propagandistic style may adversely affect your reputation.

I try my best to write in academic style. However, you may find propagandistic tone in some sentences. You are highly encouraged to identify such sentences and let me know so that I can improve them.

(Author: Muhammad Mubashir Nazir)

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Think about it!

  • Analyze the psychological aspect of academic and propagandistic writings. What are the psychological reasons to adopt each style?
  • Based on your studies, identify three academic and three propagandistic writings and compare their attributes.
  • How could you identify propagandistic writings? Describe three of their visible symbols.
  • What is the harm of reading propagandistic writings?
  • Whether the majority of English writings is academic or propagandistic? Answer in the light of your past reading.

Send your comments and questions by email to publish them on this webpage.

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