Can a person see God within this world?

Aslam U Alakum Mubashar Sahab, Hope you in best state of faith and health. First Question is about Allah Subah wa tala. In fact in Bukhari sharif I think its Volume 8. I read the Aqeeda of the person who wrote the Urdu commentary of Bukhari. He was saying that their aqeeda is: When Prophet Muhammad PBUH met with Allah SWT on Meraj, Allah met with Prophet PBHU as a young […]

Conceiving the Body of God????

Question: Assalam u alaikum Kindly tell me about the hadith which is mentioned in Sahih Muslim as quoted by these scholars in this video. Does this hadith or the talk of these scholars show any thing about the tajseem or direction about Allah…. Wa-As-Salam Al-Muslim Lahore, Pakistan Dear Brother Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah That Hadith is Sahih. It does not give any clue about Tajseem. It […]

Meaning of Body of God

Question: Assalamu alaikum The following hadith is about the tajseem of Allah which was qouted by some body on the net on orkut comm. and claimed that salafi’s have the aqeedah of tajseem and i think he was a munkiri hadith. kindly comment on the hadith in the light of quran and other authentic hadiths…  are these hadiths […]

Types of Monotheism

Question: Assalam u alaikum Kindly tell me who has given the concept of tawheedu rabobiyah, tawheedu allohiyah, and tawheedu asma wa sifaat as I read some articles on net that it was given by Shaikh ul Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah. But the commentator of Aqeedatu Tahawiyyah has mentioned two of these in his commentary. Kindly tell me that do the salaf and four imams also believed this kind of tawheed or it is the later interpretation and also […]

Should we believe in God blindly?

Question: Aoa, Hope you are doing good. Should existence of God accepted with close eyes (blind faith) or the other way? Kamran Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah Belief in God must not be with closed eyes. It should be with open eyes and clear logical arguments. The Quran clearly requires us to believe in God based on sound […]

Does God Exist?

Question: AoA This is Tahir Kalim from Germany. Before this email, I have sent you emails regarding salat in native language. I also have given your email address to my friend Kamran who had some question about dua (prayers). I hope you remember me. I am doing master in physics from University of Siegen and during the lectures our professor […]

Islam and Mysticism

BROTHER NAZIR ASSALAM ALIKUM, A few years ago a Christian sister wanted to revert to Islam and she gave the reason for reversion that she was fascinated by mystic Sufism. Since I was a student of Salaf i was reluctant to help her in this regard and humbly but state forwardly wrote to her that […]

The God’s Challenge and the Divine Scheme

Dear Mubashir, I want to know that : 1.     Why God has created this world? 2.     Why God has created humans? 3.     What is the purpose of life of humans? 4.     What is religion? Isn’t it a creation of humans to overcome fear of death and life after this world? 5.     Religion create more fear, fear of questing, fear of punishment etc, How […]

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