Comparative Study of Different Groups and Sects

Assalam Alaikum

Dear Mubashir Sahib

I am Bilal, an engineer by profession and working in a govt. department. I found your website by chance during my search of learning Arabic language. I found your thoughts quite impressive. I want to know your conclusions about your studies/research (as you mentioned in your CV) with respect to the following:

1.       Comparative study of the concepts and practices of different religious sects and groups in the south Asia

2.       Comparative study of the views of different religious movements in the Muslim world (especially the South Asia)

3.       study of the work of prominent Modern Islamic Scholars including Dr.Hameedullah, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Nasir-ud-Albani, Waheed-ud-Din Khan

What are the results of your comparison? If you have write some paper or articles based on these studies, can you please share those with me. Are you affiliated with any of these movements/school of thought?

I will remain in touch

With best regards


Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

It is a pleasure to receive your mail. I appreciate your quest for knowledge. It is a detailed topic and need books to write. Nowadays, I’m writing a book on comparative study of these sects and movements. Once finished, I’ll share it with you. It is an unbiased comparative study and I’ve avoided presented my views and just expressed the views and arguments of all groups by taking a neutral position.

As far as my conclusion is concerned, my conclusion is that nobody is on the right path on 100% issues and nobody is on the wrong path on all issues. We have to study each issue. May be possible that if Group A is on the right path in Issue No. 1, Group B may be on the right path on Issue No. 2. So it needs a big thesis to write conclusions on all issues. I may do so at some later stage of life. If you’ve some special issue in mind, please let me know, so that I can discuss that with you.

Remember in your prayers and keep in touch,


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Comparative Study of Different Groups and Sects
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