Evils of Rallies and Protests

Assalamu alaikum

Read your article on the topic  https://mubashirnazir.org/?s=collective 

Few comments on it:

1. If many of the Muslims are interested in doing individual work Can they bring any big change? I think the  change can be brought through an organization only. The example of MB (Muslim Brotherhood) is worth noting.  We used to make rallies against the Palestinian issue, Homosexuality etc. which cannot be done individuality. If we are working individually then we are losing such a good opportunity of opposing this big evils.

2. In fourth para, we can see at the starting that the Quran has used the work “Ummah”, while emphasizing the Dawah work.

3. Being a collective worker, I feel that there are utmost opportunities in developing the personality in every dimension because it happens that a person posses more qualities in some or the other field and vice versa. As such we can share our experiences and qualities in collective work as said in the Hadith that a Muslim is a mirror to other Muslim. (This can be reach more easily and immensely in collective work less in Individual).

4. A person working collectively get into more examinations (Azmaesh), thus upgrading his level of Heaven.

5. Above all I think a collective worker has a driving force behind him i.e. his organizational friends who correct him for mistake and do Islah when we became weak in Faith.

Therefore I think it is better suggesting the people for collective work. I agree that some members may not fit for collective who are very less.

Shujath Imran

Hyderabad, India

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

I do not deny the benefits of collective work. It is upon every person to decide whichever suits his objectives and personality. Both individual and collective works have their advantages and disadvantages. Individual work also becomes collective work over time. For example, I started this project of ISP which has now become a collective work Al-Hamdulillah.

Rallies etc. have certain issues:

1. The most important issue is that of human rights i.e. Huquq ul I’bad. When people block a road, it itself is a highly contemptible act and strictly forbidden in Islam. As a result of that many people are unable to reach to hospitals and to their work.

2. Business and work of many people is disturbed due to rallies and it is not permissible in Islam to disturb anyone.

3. Many people become violent and start burning cars and properties of others which is forbidden in Islam as life, property and respect of everyone is sacred in Islam.

4. If all of the above are taken care of, conducting a rally is still a totally futile exercise. Thousands of rallies are conducted on Palestine and other issues and none of them has succeeded in achieving the proclaimed objective. However, politicians conduct rallies just to demonstrate their street power to ask the government to succumb to their demands and sometimes they succeed if they are able to disturb normal life for a long period.

So any sort of collective work in a healthy way is good but it should be without rallies and some concrete work should be done e.g. education, Tazkiya, creating awareness, relief work etc.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

assalam alaaikum

Your point on regarding rallies are accepted. We usually do it in parks or on side of the road without disturbing other people. The news reporters can be invited and the message can be send to the government, if not it will be a tool for awareness.

Do you have any other option other then rallies in stopping the government from making relation with Israel and to stop other evil things being passed in the parliament?

wassalam alaik.


Assalam o alaikum

If you are doing in parks, then there is no issue and it is a decent way to protest. It will also give you better support from public as they will know that you are sincere and not violating their rights and not disturbing their lives. There are several methods for peaceful protests but I am not much aware of them because it is not my area of interest. Leaders of your country like Muhatama Gandhi invented several methods of non-violent protests. You can see this link:


Recently, during Arab spring, people used Facebook as a protesting tool. It is a better way as it requires less energy and resources and is proved to be very effective.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Evils of Rallies and Protests
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