Relation with Wife after Marriage but before starting Living Together

Asalam o alaikum

Dear Mubasshir shab

I have married a girl but still we are separated (Rukshati nai hoi) due  to some reason. Before Nikah (marriage) we were talking only on descent topics but now we talk on every matter. I want to ask what are the limitations now between us as some times our discussions go beyond decency kindly guide??



Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

If you’ve got married, then there is no harm in any type of relations. Establishing a Nikah but no rukhsati is something invented by the people of Indian subcontinent. It has nothing to do with Islam. In Islam, once the Nikah is commemorated, then the couple has a husband-wife relation. They can do anything whatever a married couple is allowed to do. The restrictions in this regard are imposed by our society, not the religion.

I really appreciate that you took care of limits while talking before marriage. It is something very difficult. It indicates your concern for observing Allah’s limits. May Allah bless you for that! I’ll suggest you to expedite the process of Rukhsati (living together). It is our social custom to delay rukhsati after nikah but in Islam, there is no concept of this. Nikah means marriage and a couple is husband-wife after the Nikah.

Remember in your prayers


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Relation with Wife after Marriage but before starting Living Together
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