Books for Evaluation of Hadith Narrators


Dear Brother

Please tell me about the books of evaluating the reliability of Hadith narrators. Give me their web address.

Jazak Allah

Atif Ahmed

Hyderabad, Pakistan

Dear Brother Atif

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

Many thanks for your mail. The books of Jirh wa Ta’deel are in Arabic because they are used only by the experts. If you can easily read the Arabic Language, visit the following link:

Especially download the books of Ibn Habban, Yahya Bin Mu’een, Darqutni and Ahmed Bin Hanbal.

This work has not yet been translated into Urdu / English because the users of this work are experts. Also provide your detailed introduction. Please keep in touch.



Brother Mubashir


Can you tell me any website where I can get information about any narrator?


Wa alaikum us salam

Not in my knowledge. Although there is a software developed by . That is a paid software “Baramij Hadith”. In that such features are available.


Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments. They will be highly appreciated. I’ll reply as soon as possible if I know the answer. Send at

Books for Evaluation of Hadith Narrators
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