Expenses of a wife during her stay with her parents

Asalam alaikum,

When a married girl stays in her parents house for reason of helping her parent (with the willingness of her husband) then who is responsible for the girl’s needs? Her husband (whom she is not serving temporarily) or her parents in whose house she has come (for few months only)?

Also further…please note that parents have eagerly supported all needs of daughter required for her stay , but they are already in financial burden because of extra expanses bcz of disease.

jazak Allah khair

waiting for ur answer

A Sister

Respected Sister

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah

In this case, expenses of the girl should be borne by her husband. Family relations could not work on legal basis but they work on the basis of mutual respect and compassion. If the husband is in financial troubles, parents / brothers of the girl should help her and similarly, if they are in trouble, the husband should help. Therefore, in this case, all the parties should mutually decide the matter on the basis of compassion, not based on legal rights and liabilities.

One more aspect of the situation is that the husband is already sacrificing by sending his wife to her parents which is a big contribution from his side. Therefore, this factor should also be considered.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Expenses of a wife during her stay with her parents
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