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Wars & Jihaad

Does Islam require fighting with Non-Muslims to convert them to Islam?

Muslims & the Modern World

Are the Muslims victims of Civilizational Narcissism?


Da’wah Tactics (Tactics for Religious Preaching)

Da’wah Method to Non-Muslims

Sectarianism & Comparative Studies

Comparative Studies of Muslim Schools of Thought

Which Sect is on the Right Path?

Comparative Study of Different Groups and Sects

Conspiracy Theories, Anti-Christ, Gog and Magog

“Muslim Identity” and Exclusivists vs. Inclusivists

Asking Questions and Breaking Idols

Why do you use quotes from Non-Muslim Scriptures?

How to deal with Qadyanis?

Massacre of Ahmedis

Social & Psychological Issues

Does Islam allow Suicide Bombing? کیا اسلام خود کش حملوں کی اجازت دیتا ہے؟

Equality of Gender in Islam and Materialism

Which Islamic organization is doing a good job?

Participating in Protests

How to avoid negative thinking about our country?

Problems of Rallies

Picture of the Future

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Islamic Studies – English

Quranic Studies – English Books

Quranic Studies – English Lectures

Quranic Arabic Language 

Quranic Arabic Language Lectures

Hadith – Prophet’s Knowledge & Practice English

Methodology of Hadith Research English

Islamic Jurisprudence علم الفقہ

Personality Development


Quranic Studies – English Lectures

Islamic Studies – Al-Fatihah 1st Verse & Al-Baqarah 2nd Verse

Islamic Studies – Al-Imran – 3rd Verse

Islamic Studies – Al-Nisaa – 4rd Verse

Islamic Studies – Al-Maidah – 5th Verse Quran – Covenant – Agreement between Allah & Us

Islamic Studies – The Solution of Crisis in Madinah during Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم – Quran Verses 24 & 33

Islamic Studies – The Forecast of Victory of Prophet Muhammad – Quran 47-114

Islamic Studies – Al-Anfaal – 8 Quranic Verse – Policies of War

Islamic Studies – Al-Taubah – 9 Quran Verse – The Result of Victory

Quranic Studies

Comments on “Quranic Studies Program”

Quranic Arabic Program – Lectures

Hadith Research English Lectures

Hadith – Prophet’s Knowledge & Practice

Methodology of Hadith Research

Comments on “The History of Abolition of Physical & Intellectual Slavery in Islam”

Muslims & the Modern World
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