“Muslim Identity” and Exclusivists vs. Inclusivists

Assalam alikum warahmatullah wabarkatuhu

Brother Mubashir

I want to make a very important suggestion two you if u like n i m neither forcing u 2 act upon it nor saying that what i m follwing is the best n truthful only. I n u brother of each other should guide n tell what is best so that we can tell Allah Almighty that we have communicated the message of urs 2 the human beings particularly to those who call themselves Muslims n generally 2 all humans.

My humble suggestion 2 u is please make a contact with those Muslims who call themselves Muslims only instead of calling themselves as …… etc. These group of Muslims who call themselves as Muslims only which Allah Almighty calls those people who submit 2 the will of Allah only n follow the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. These people known by the name of Muslims live in Pakistan n all over the world. In Pakistan their mosques r also known by the names of Muslim Mosques. Please brother talk 2 them n read their literature in detail. Then i leave it 2 u whether u become 1 of them or leave them it is ur decision.



Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Many thanks for your suggestions. I am also one of those who call themselves as “Muslim only” and do not like to add a man-made title to them. Almost all of my writings demonstrate this theme.

The people who call themselves as “Muslim only” have two categories:

1. Exclusivists who denounce all others and do not keep good relations with any of them. They make their separate mosques and isolate themselves from the rest of Muslims. Their approach leads to nothing except creation of another sect. If for example, three sects are available at any place, they add a fourth sect and divide the Ummah further.

2. Inclusivists who do not denounce anyone. They pray will Muslims of all sects and keep good relations with all of them including the exclusivists group mentioned above. Wherever they disagree with them on an issue, they present their views in a decent and humble way and do not accuse anyone.

I consider myself as an inclusivist Muslim. I don’t like to attach myself to any sect but I keep good relations with all of them. Wherever I feel that they have something wrong, I try to convince them in a humble way. I also try to convince them to leave their sectarian identities and make “Islam” as their identity but I limit myself to a positive dialogue only. I neither impose my view on them nor stigmatize them for their views. In my opinion, exclusivism and denouncing could never bring a person to the right path. We should integrate ourselves with all of our brothers and try to convey the message of Islamic identity.

Remember in your prayers,


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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“Muslim Identity” and Exclusivists vs. Inclusivists
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