How to deal with Qadyanis?

Dear Sir,

Assalam O Aliacum,

I read your book on comparative studies between Muslims and Qadyanis. Great work again and compiled information…I always want to get logical information about Qadyanis because of their growing numbers and alarming influence, even in my college the number of Qadyani students is increasing day by day and they are all the most obedient, hardworking and have very good conduct. I have heard about Qadyanis that mostly they talk with logic about their religion and unfortunately mostly all of us are only Muslim by birth. Your work will educate many common Muslims.

Please answer how can a Muslim stop their influential growth in Muslim society because we, ourselves are fighting in our sectarian differences? I am not asking about a learned persons like you, i am just asking about a common Muslim with little knowledge or no knowledge.

Mrs. Naqi Syed

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Respected Sister

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

You observation about the behavior of Qadyanis is correct. We should also adopt the same attitude to present our Da’wah but unfortunately, Muslims sometimes become violent which has adverse effects on Islamic Da’wah. We should learn lessons from Qadyanis and also Christian missionaries in this regard. This will help us in countering the effects produced by the missionary work of Qadyanis. We should build our character up to that extent that we outclass them in our attitude and behavior. We should present the message of Islam and the message of finality of prophethood in a decent and humble way. Humbleness always produces better results.

Moreover, we should create awareness about Islamic beliefs and practices, as much as we can. When I wrote my book “Muslim Dunya mein Zehni, Fikri awr Nafsiyati Ghulami”, I thought a lot about this issue and discussed it with many learned people. People deviate from the Quran and the Sunnah because they blindly follow the words of their religious leaders. Not only Qadyanism, but large number of other deviant ideologies are prevailing and common Muslims are subject to this risk due to intellectual slavery. Many people have written tones of books on polemic issues but they are futile because they present their view in a highly biased way and people do not read their books due it. I have discussed the solution in detail in the book. I shall appreciate if you manage some time to read the whole book. You will enjoy reading it.

Once a person will get rid of intellectual slavery of religious leaders and start thinking by his/her own, he/she will not accept any views without asking a reference from the Quran and the Sunnah. If we teach people this, influence ideologies deviating from the Quran and the Sunnah can be countered. However, we should present our message in a humble way and should not use abusive language against any group.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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How to deal with Qadyanis?
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