The Treasure’s Map

People like stories, especially the ones which are about a hidden treasure. In these stories, an adventurer reaches the treasure by risking his life and facing a lot of difficulties. In such stories, always a treasure’s map is available to him. The story of a hidden treasure reflects an important aspect of human nature. A human being wants to achieve the benefits and luxuries of world. Such luxuries are only attainable through money. In the story, that adventurer reaches at the treasure and gets a lot of wealth. This achievement makes him the ‘hero’.

Majority of human beings do not know that this treasure’s story is not a story. It is a reality. In this reality of life, in which, they have to play the leading role. From the beginning, the God has chosen the man to play the leading role in the real story of life. It is his/her responsibility that, like an adventurer, to explore the hidden treasure of Paradise by facing the risks and problems of this life. At this achievement, the human being will get rid of all problems and will deserve all kinds of luxuries.

The Almighty has provided the man with a map to reach this treasure. This treasure is made available to them through Prophets. The last version of this map is given in the form of Quran in a secured and written format. In this map, clear words are used instead of symbols to describe the attributes of people, who can achieve this treasure. What is the right path? What problems are expected on the right path? How to face these problems? What resources are required for the way of travel? What to do if you lose the track? All these answers are provided in the Quran.

The example of a non-practicing knowledgeable person is that of a blind man carrying a lamp. Everybody else is getting light of it but that person is not getting the benefit. Prophet Jesus علیہ الصلوۃ والسلام

Unfortunately, human beings are wandering aimlessly into the desserts of suspicion and worldly desires due to losing this map. They have forgotten the role they have to play in this adventure. They have to reach in another world beyond the ‘life mountain’ to obtain this treasure. It is essential that they should pass through the jungle of this world in a careful manner. In this jungle, many obstacles are available in the form of ‘sin swamps’, snakes of ‘worldly desires’ and the beasts of ‘satanic traps’. Human being can take a reasonable living from this jungle but (s)he should not make it his/her permanent residence. The person, who will do it, will wander forever in this jungle.

Losing this treasure’s map, although is a misfortune for entire humanity, but it is the greatest misfortune for the people who received it directly from the Prophet. The reason is that other people need to understand this entire scheme, but these people already believe that the Quran is the map for the hidden treasure of the Eternal Paradise. Other people of this world may apologize in front of God that we did not find this map but what sort of apology can Muslims put in front of God?

Today, we have the Book of God and the gift of His Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم) but we do not read and understand this Book. Those who read this book recite it without understanding and then keep it at an unreachable place. Those who claim to understand this book, limit the role of this Book as a manifesto of their political revolution. When the Muslims are doing this, then what can be expected from a Non-Muslim?

The people, who love God and humanity, should take the responsibility to invite the entire humanity towards this Divine Treasure’s Map. They should call the people towards the message of God’s Prophet.

Time for this call is going to end. For each adventurer, the time to complete his/her adventure, is about to end. If they have not achieved this treasurer, they have to live and cry in the deep, deep valley called ‘the Hell’.

(This article is adopted from the works of Rehan Ahmed Yousfi, Translation: Muhammad Mubashir Nazir, Review: Muhammad Umar Khan)

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The Treasure’s Map
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