The Prayer and Sin

Most people ask this question that their The prayer does not stop them from committing sins, even though Allah told in the Qur’an: “Verily, the prayer (Salah) prevents from nudity and immorality.” (29:45) This is an important topic and must be explained properly.

The Qur’an gave three main types of sins:

—– Sins based on immoral, nude sexual aggression

—– Oppression towards other people

—– Disobedience to Allah and insolence towards Him

A person can commit any of these sins to commit insubordination to Allah. The prayer prevents all of these sins. The above-mentioned verse only includes two of the sins. This is because when a person bows down in front of Allah, he/she automatically stops committing the third one.

That leaves two sins. This is why this verse tells us that the prayer prevents the two sins. If we think it does not prevent these sins for a longer time, we need to read the whole verse and not just the first part. We have copied the first part of the verse but the second part is usually not explained, even though this is the important one. The second part is, “And reminiscence of Allah is the greatest factor, and Allah knows everything you do.”

This is the complete verse that Allah told us. This means that the prayer is actually a name given to reminiscence of Allah. This is living with God in presence of other people. This is living in darkness an accepting Allah’s greatness. This is giving in yourself to Allah before He catches you.

Reminiscence of Allah is a big sentiment. So big that the person feels himself under his Lord’s guard, and finds himself unable to disobey him. His mind will tell him to give himself in to the carnal desires, but he will remember his God and stop his ego. His bodily demands try to disturb his emotions, but reminiscence of Allah will remind him of his limits. His selfishness stops him from distinguishing between right and wrong, his wishes prevent him from complying his ethical requirements, his prejudice stops him from following the right choice, his love for his family instigates him to violate the rules, his love for this world makes him run after temporal benefits, his wealth and status entice him for disobedience and injustice, but every time THE PRAYER, reminiscent of Allah prevents him from doing them by casting a rock in front of him, and stops him from doing wrong deeds. If at any stage, his emotions overcome him or he is defeated by his circumstances, the next prayer will assure him that Allah is watching over him and protecting him. So he does not become insurgent and returns to his Allah and pleads for forgiveness.

This way the prayer prevents humans from sins at every stage of him life. Because when it is prayed correctly, it reminds humans of Allah.

(This article is adopted from the works of Abu Yahya, Translation: Asma Nazir)

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—– How does the prayer prevents from wrong and exorbitant deeds?

—– When a person prays regularly, what effect does the prayer has on him?

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The Prayer and Sin
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