Moving to a New Planet for Living!!!

We all know that nowadays the scientists are looking for possibility of life outside our planet earth. They fear that the resources on earth will not be sufficient enough for future generations. They also fear that due to human activities, there are many irreversible damages happening to earth so the future-earth will not be a safe place for humans. Thus they will have to move out to extra-terrestrial life solutions e.g. as shown in animated film Wall-E. Mars, Jupiter and Venus are our nearby planets and each has its own set of issues which make life impossible.

Suppose the scientists have succeeded in designing machines to help humans survive outside earth. Meanwhile the planet earth is getting worse day by day. Now it is the time for people to move forward and there is no turning back. People are being sent in groups to the new ‘home-planet’ called as Nova. Everyone is being trained and guided about how to survive and what should they do in order to remain in good condition. There are also extensive instruction manuals put in the space-ships carrying people to the new place. The first ship also carried one of the top scientists who were aware of everything about planet Nova. Since there were very few top-notch scientists, so the earth team could not send one in every ship. Moreover, one scientist was enough for next few years. Over the next years, the same cycle was repeated that after every few years both scientists and instruction manuals were sent until everyone was sent to Nova.

Now let us discuss the troubles. The first trouble was memory loss which the people faced due to space travel thus when they arrived at Nova they did not have any clue of what, where, how and why etc. was it all about.  The second trouble was threats from the other forms of life (animals) of planet Nova who would come and create all sorts of troubles for humans. Third problem was that the food on ship was scanty and they had to look for newer means to feed themselves. Later there came forth a fourth issue that people started having unknown diseases and started to die.

The scientist who had come with them knew how to communicate with the earth team (through the scientific equipment) so he was refreshed about everything and he started guiding everyone. Later when the newer group of people arrived they carried more instruction manuals with them. The scientist kept on telling people about the whole reality of all situations of earthly life and how to live so that they may lead normal life in Nova. Some people were intelligent and they understood that scientist will die after some time so they started writing down whatever the scientists had to teach. Since the people had forgotten everything so they had to be taught how to read and understand the instruction manuals as well.

After some generations all the scientists died and people were left only with instruction manuals and the lectures given by scientists. Some people thought themselves as very intelligent and they made their own theories based on observations of life in Nova. After some generations, they totally rejected the whole story about earth and made their own rules about life in Nova based on their limited testing and observation facilities. People were still hunted down by Nova wild-life and they still died due to Nova’s harsh weather but their intellectuals refused to comply by rules made and explained by Earth scientists (in manuals and in lectures) as they were very tough according to new nova-intellectuals.

This was a small fiction story to make one understand the situation in which we are in at present. We do not remember what happened before we came to planet Nova (our EARTH). We also cannot foresee the future of life after death. Our scientist (Prophet) has died and there is no other who is going to come as he (Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) has already told. We only have our instruction manuals (the Quran) and lectures (the Hadith) in order to live as we were meant to live and survive from the threats of Nova life forms (Satan in our world). The food in the story equates human instincts in our life.

This should be the importance and place of the Quran in our lives. The Quran is our main clue towards the reality of everything. It is our main link to the Creator and Designer (Allah) of the whole setup through which we are connecting to Him during our worldly life. For every issue related to this world, the answers are to be searched on basis of the Quran and for further help we should refer to the Sunnah. The Quran requires us to use our intellect but the intellect should work under the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah.

(Author: Fatima Saem)

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Think about it!

  1. By keeping in mind the story mentioned in the article, what is the significance of the Quran.

2. Are there any other sources of information for us in worldly life to guide us, other than Quran?

3. Is it important to avoid concepts which are extracted from non-Islamic philosophies? If yes then why?

4. If the Quran is the main source of Islam then why is it important to follow the Sunnah and the Hadith?

Moving to a New Planet for Living!!!
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