Who is like You?

Love with a superior entity is embedded deeply in human nature. This causes one to devote himself to a superior being. But there is only one true entity – Allah.

It is a tragedy with mankind that people have never paid their attention to their Lord throughout the history. It is the unfortunate that mankind has never paid its attention to their true Lord, in all eras, man has erred and fallen to worshipping other false gods. They have called upon these false gods to help them. They have loved their false gods and strived to please them. They have loved some and hated others for the sake of these false gods.

All these ways to demonstrate one’s devotion must be limited to only and only One Entity, our God. In the words of Israelite Prophets, people who devote themselves to other false gods are like that woman who commits adultery with others rather than her husband.

On the contrary, Allah’s Prophets used to live and die in the name of God. They used to trust in Him only. They used to recite hymns only for Him. His last prophet, Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم) praised the Almighty after conquering entire Arab while standing on the Mount Safa at Makkah.

There is no god except Allah. He is one and is without any partner. He is the only king. Praise is only to Him. He has control over everything. (Muslim, 1218)

When the Almighty drowned the Pharaoh and passed Prophet Moses (علیہ الصلوۃ والسلام) and his followers through the sea, Prophet Moses praised his Lord in beautiful words. A sentence from his hymn is:

Who is like You, O Jehovah (God), among the gods? (Exodus 15:11)

The person who warns you about your weaknesses, is much better than one who indulges you in arrogance by praising you. Fitha Ghoras

These two prophets set an example for the rest of the world on how God’s servants should demonstrate their sincerity to their Lord. Allah’s blessings upon his loyal slaves are plentiful. And his mercy and blessing are not only limited to his slaves, he cares even for those who worship false gods and the doors of forgiveness are always open.

Many people bestow on their loyal servants, but there is only and only One Entity Who blesses His disloyal servants also. That is Allah, there is no god except Him. And when he will reward his loyal slaves in the hereafter, the unfaithful will wish they had been loyal too.

Now, it is our duty to make Allah, the axis of our loyalty and love. The followers of prophets, will keep on saying throughout their life:

Who is like You, O Jehovah (God), among the gods?

(Author: Rehan Ahmed Yousfi, Translation: Muhammad Umar Khan)

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Who is like You?
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