Road Block

When a road is under repair, a notice bearing the words “Road Closed” is put up to warn unwary travelers. But this does not mean that the path to one’s destination is irrevocably barred. There are always other highways and by-ways — it is just a question of looking around for them. Sometimes one can reach one’s destination just as well by zig-zagging through narrow lanes and alley-ways. The only difference is that this takes somewhat longer, and one has to keep one’s wits about one to negotiate narrower roadways and sharper turnings. But arrive one finally does.

رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم کی حیات طیبہ سے متعلق مقامات پر مشتمل سفرنامہ۔ 
قرآن اور بائبل کے دیس میں

Life’s journey is very often like this. One would like to proceed by broad straight routes, moving fast and reaching one’s goal in the most direct possible way. But, so often such roads are blocked, and achieving success beings to seem a very difficult matter. But for every major route which is blocked, there are always several minor roads which are open.

It is just a question of having to go about things in a roundabout way. This is particularly true if you meet with an adversary and feel that you are unable to confront him head-on. It is then that you must find some indirect means of dealing with him. Often compromise or adjustment is the best solution.

He who is not merciful to others, will not be treated mercifully. Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم  (Bukhari)

When one particular field there seems to be a discouraging lack of opportunities, one can certainly search for and find opportunities in some other field. When you fail to find a place for yourself in the front row, you can always make do with one in the rear, until a place up ahead finally falls vacant for you. When you cannot find people to extend a helping hand to you, press on fearlessly and strike out your own. When you need things from people to help you on in life and no one seems ready to be generous, stop thinking of how deprived you are and try instead to earn God’s blessings.

For every closed door, there is always another which is open — but only to those who have the eyes to see it, and the courage to march through it.

(Author: Waheed-ud-Din Khan, Translated by: Dr. Farida Khanam)

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Think about it!

—– Identify a situation from your life when you found all ways to progress blocked. Apply the lesson of this article to that situation.

—– A person is facing problems for his boss. The boss is continuously in search of finding opportunities to belittle his subordinates. What would you suggest to that subordinate?

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Road Block
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