The Revolution Occurred

We have been waiting for a revolution since long ago. The background of this revolution is that, like other developing countries, all resources of our country are captured by an exploiting class. The manipulating elements in our military, feudal lords, politicians, capitalists and bureaucracy have confined the political and economic roots of the country. On the other side, our poor public is not provided with even the basic necessities.

 The poor is exploited equally in all military and democratic regimes. Every new government curses the previous one and claims to change the country during their regime. When that government is thrown away by others, the situation is worse than the previous one. The process of assaulting the poor has been continued for several decades.

انسان دوسرے انسانوں کے ساتھ امتیاز کیوں برتتا ہے؟ کیا ہمارے معاشرے میں بھی نسلی و قومی امتیاز پایا جاتا ہے؟ اس ضمن میں اسلام ہمیں کیا سبق دیتا ہے؟ ان سوالات کے جوابات کے لئے اسی ویب سائٹ سرچ کر لیجیے۔
اسلام اور نسلی و قومی امتیاز

 During this period, our religious as well as secular intellectuals have been continuously predicting a great revolution. They think that a great wave of public revolution will occur in our country like Russia, France and Iran. The method adopted by them to create this revolution is provoking the sentiments of general public. They are trying to develop resentment and antagonism through their speeches and writings. They are building a reactionary mentality in our personalities.

Every writer and speaker tries to develop the feelings of hatred and hostility against the exploiting class. People are informed daily about their cruelties, corruption and conspiracies. For that purpose, the government is depicted as the symbol of this exploiting class. The ruler is declared as the “Satan”. As a result of that, a great resentment is developed in the minds of general public.

A government is changed to another government which is not different from the previous one. Since this ‘change-of-government’ is not equivalent to a social change, Therefore, after a few months, the newly formed government becomes the target of criticism at various levels.

Our thinkers and intellectuals do not consider that the seed of this negative thinking put by them in people’s minds, only reaps a revolution which is useless at its best. Now, our people have decided to reform their matters. But instead of fighting against the exploiting class, they have joined the exploiting class.

Look within, for within is the wellspring of virtue, which will not cease flowing, if you cease not from digging. Marcus Aurelius

 People in the service sector have adopted the way of taking bribes. They have engaged themselves into corruption. Business people have engaged themselves in malpractices of hoarding and selling impure items. Other than these two dominant groups of our middle class, the poor people have taken up street crimes as the only solution of their problems. Remaining people of our society have chosen the ‘suicide’ or the ‘suicide bombing’ as the way to get rid of all problems. So congratulations to our intellectuals! The revolution occurred.

We want to tell that this direction will take us to destruction. We will tell our people, by standing at all points of the way they have adopted, that it is not the right path. Love instead of hatred, forgiveness instead of revenge, righteousness instead of wrong-doing is the road to our salvation. We have to be generous even if the entire world is practicing evil. We will receive our reward from our Lord, not from the human beings. We need hereafter, not this world. We have to follow the course of Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ واٰلہ وسلم) not that of communists.

This is the course of a real revolution. All springs of righteousness will come out from this course. This is the direction of our long-awaited dawn.

(Author: Rehan Ahmed Yousfi, Translation: Muhammad Mubashir Nazir, Review: Muhammed Umar Khan)

There is no shortcut to a positive revolution. We are wandering here and there to find a shortcut to this revolution. Many shortcuts are always available to destructive revolutions but any constructive revolution requires a long struggle. A building can be demolished in a few seconds by blasting a bomb but it needs several months or years to reconstruct a building. This is a universal principle.

We do not say that one should not struggle hard to get his/her rights, but it is more important to give rights to others before demanding our own rights. We must develop our personality to be a “duty-oriented” personality instead of being a “rights-oriented” person.

In our opinion, for a revolution, we should focus our struggle on two areas:

—– Developing the moral character of our people

—– Combating against illiteracy and poverty

If we succeed in developing the moral character of a single person, and we have equipped him / her with the tools to get knowledge and fight against poverty, we have succeeded in our positive revolution at the level of one family.

Believe me, it is not a small achievement!!!!

We will find an unimaginable great reward for this achievement in the court of God. In this world, revolutionizing the life of a family is not an inferior job. It is a great, great, great achievement.

The revolution of entire country is beyond our control, why not we start our struggle to achieve the revolution of a single family in the name of Allah? Let’s start!!!

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Think about it!

—– Identify five reasons for our negative thinking.

—– Building a single positive personality is a great revolution! If you agree with this statement, identify the moral, psychological, social and even political consequences of developing a positive personality.

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The Revolution Occurred
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