Risk Management

Today’s business environment requires highly qualified risk functions with the flexibility to address a continuously changing risk profile. Mitigation of risk contributes to maximize the effectiveness of business processes. A few articles, books and presentation on Risk Management are presented below.

Risk & Reward – Balancing Ethics, Risk & Entrepreneurship

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK conducted a survey on ethics, risk and entrepreneurship. They have conducted an electronic interview from various respondents including me. The interview is presented here for the readers.

An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

COSO and CAS Frameworks for enterprise risk management, risk categories, risk identification, risk universe development, risk analysis tools, risk prioritization and risk treatment strategies are discussed in detail in this presentation. At the end, ERM maturity model is discussed. To download this presentation:


Enterprise Risk Management Urdu Lecture

ERM Case Studies

Implementation of enterprise risk management in fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) and banking sectors is discussed in detail in this presentation. Practical aspects of credit, operational, liquidity and currency risks are described in detail. To download this presentation:


Internal Control Evaluation

This presentation describes the project life cycle of an internal control evaluation project. The procedures related to risk assessment, business process and internal control documentation, risk & control matrices, internal control testing, and monitoring of internal control are discussed in this presentation. To download this presentation:


Introduction about Advanced Performance Management

Planning, Control and Decision Making

Internal Audit Effectiveness

Conducting fraud investigations, red flags, internal audit planning, risk assessment, developing audit program, internal control evaluation, audit fieldwork, working papers development, and internal audit reporting is explained in this presentation in detail. To download this presentation:


ERM Implementation under COSO Framework

Concern for risk management is increasing in recent years. A series of high-profile business scandals and failures in United States and other countries around the globe prompted a need for a robust framework to effectively identify, assess and manage risks. This article shares the experience of author regarding ERM Implementation under COSO Framework. To download this presentation:


Components of Information Systems Audit

An information systems audit is composed of nine components. This presentation graphically depicts these components including:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Review of Automated Application-level Controls
  • Review of controls at Operating System, Network and Database level
  • Review of controls at Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Review of Physical Access Controls
  • Review of Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Management
  • Review of General IT Controls
  • Penetration Testing
  • Pre- and Post-Implementation Reviews for ERP Implementations

The companies may decide to conduct either all of these components or a selection out of them according to their requirements. To download this presentation:


Implementation of ERP Systems in Oil Refineries

Over recent years the acquisition, implementation and use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have become a standard feature of most companies around the globe. This article focuses on ERP implementation specifically in refining industry and highlights the issues faced by implementers in this industry. To download this presentation:


Risk Management
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