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Asalam O Alykum,

Sir I need an advice from you; please take your time to read this in free time and advise me on following:

My current qualification is BS in computer sciences, I wish to study further. What should I do; should I go for an MS or Darse-Nizami. I will return to Pak in June and in Pakistan my salary would be a handsome amount.

If I go for MS then most probably I can continue with job for few months… and once I got sure that I can support rest of my study period then I will leave the job. Since after MS there would be chances anyway.

If I go for Darse-Nizami then most probably I have to leave job earlier…there are 2 Madrassas in Rawalpindi where a condensed Dars-Nizami is taught which spans over 4 years and not 8 years. If I manage to complete it then there would be no benefit as such moneywise.

While in any Quranic class or Dars or religious lecture – I feel very comfortable and I want to take it as career. I can lower my lifestyle standard without much problem. What do you suggest?

How do you manage to read the Islamic texts with teachers; during that period how did you manage to sponsor yourself? If you publish that experience on your website it may be helpful for other like me.


Zeeshan Zia

Muscat, Oman

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

It is a pleasure to know that you are interested in religious studies. I pursued Dars-e-Nizami after my B.Com in 1994. At that time, one year of students are wasted by the university. I utilized that time to study privately from my teachers. As you’ve suggested, I’ll share that experience with the readers soon Insha Allah.

It is nice that you feel more comfortable with the religious education as compared to the professional one. I also have the same aptitude. I don’t know about your age and family but definitely you will have a wife and kids. You have the zeal to study the religion but it is not essential that your wife and children would have the same.

For example, despite of a lot of efforts, I failed to develop such aptitude in my children. I’ve realized that such aptitude is God-gifted. He gives it to those people only whom He selects to work for His cause. One can compromise on his own lifestyle but the family who has little religious zeal will not compromise on the same.

One of my teachers had the same case. His children wanted to pursue professional education but he forced them to study in a Madrassa and become a religious scholar. They fled from the madrassa. Their father became very strict and finally they left the home due to hostile attitude of their father. Now he is very old and weak but living without his children.

In your circumstances, I suggest you the following:

1. Continue your professional studies. You can spend the money in Allah’s way which you’ll receive from your career. You can also use the same money to get quality religious education.

2. The link of Madina University, Malaysia you sent me is amazing. You can pursue your Islamic Studies along with the professional studies there.

3. If you are interested in getting religious education in Dars-e-Nizami format, do so in private settings with an established scholar. Usually, the income level of such scholars is very low. You can help your instructor by paying a certain amount for his time. With improved income, you can spend a part of that in this way. The advantage of this method is that you’ll be able to grasp quickly the content. In Madrassa setting, course flow is very slow and you’ll get bored soon.

Feel free if you need any other advise in this case.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Religious Education
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