A Golden Rule to do Business!

Dear Sir,

I have gone through your website, sir. i request you to say some solution for our problems. my husband has started a business (i.e stockbroking ) on the name of brothers wife name but business was not goods he has changed name to his brothers name after that business was completely closed, please suggest us  how to develop our business and we have financial tension and since 1year  it is like nothing is coming nothing is coming to hands even our money which we should get is also taking time but they are not coming to  hand so sir please kindly suggest some solution for this thanking you sir

Mina Kumari


Respected Sister

I pray from God to resolve your problems. Stock exchange business is highly risky and many families are destroyed by this business.

I’ve little experience of doing business but I’ll suggest your husband to think about some other business in which some real commodity is involved like a general store etc. My suggestion is that he should work as an employee for some time in his target business before really starting the business because a lot of issues are unexpected. Only an experienced person can tackle such issues.

If you could ask your husband to contact me directly, I can suggest him improvement in some qualification to improve the situation.

May God resolve all your problems!


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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A Golden Rule to do Business!
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