Anger Management

assalam alaikum sir,

today my question is on anger management… there are many situations when we are not at fault actually but we are the sufferers of someone else’s fault or corruption… now the person who is getting angry knows that we are not at fault, still since we are weak/dependent so he can say anything and we have to listen and bear with it….what should we do in this??? 

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahamatullah

The method I use in such cases is that I always expect the worst from others. When he does so, it is according to my own expectations so I am not frustrated. Normally, the people behave well better than my expectations and I remain very happy due to that. We cannot control other faults but we can manage our own expectations.

Another way is proactive management of affairs. We should expect other’s faults / corruption well in advance and devise our action plan to prevent these things. For example, when I send my driver to bring something, I always expect that he will bring something wrong. So I give him detailed information about the desired product and also ask him to go to the shop and call me from there. Then I talk to the shopkeeper and explain him what I need. In 99% cases, this technique works and if it still goes wrong in 1% cases, I ignore such mistakes. I hope this technique may help you in managing your anger on other’s faults.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Anger Management
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