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I send a link plz check this book (Tareekh Islam by Akbar Shah Khan Najeeb Abadi) & reply me.

Arsalan Yousaf, Sargodha, Pakistan

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

This is one of the good books on Muslim History. The author is a famous historian. About Muslim History, we should keep one thing in mind:

The main source book of entire Muslim History is one book i.e. Tareekh Tabri. It contains a lot of information from some people who are considered “Extremely Unreliable” or “Liars” according to the research of Mohadisin (Hadith experts). The include the following:

1. Abu Mikhnaf Lut Ibn Yahya

2. Muhammad Ibn Marwan Al-Suddi Al-Sagheer

3. Muhammad Ibn U’mar Al-Waqidi

4. Muhammad Ibn Saib Al-Kalabi & His son Hisham

All of them have a special bias against certain companions of the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Therefore, any information from these people about the companions is not accepted.

Other than that, the history books are OK. We should read history to learn lessons.

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Comments on History of Islam
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