How to check authenticity of a Hadith?

Dear Mubashir Bhai,

Walaikum Assalam warahmatullahi barakatahu,


Is there any ahadees search website where we can check the authenticity of the ahadees?

Khalil Ahmed

Dammam, Saudi Arab

Dear Brother Khalil

Assalam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah

You can check that on and on but these websites are in Arabic. So you need two things:

1. An introductory study of Hadith Evaluation procedure

2. Arabic language

You can study both on my website. The links are as follows:

After studying the Hadith evaluation procedure and learning basic Arabic, you can use the above-mentioned websites to check authenticity of any Hadith.

Remember in your prayers,



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How to check authenticity of a Hadith?
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