Does God Exist?



This is Tahir Kalim from Germany. Before this email, I have sent you emails regarding salat in native language. I also have given your email address to my friend Kamran who had some question about dua (prayers). I hope you remember me. I am doing master in physics from University of Siegen and during the lectures our professor discuss about the religion and concept of God.

I have many questions in my mind but I will ask now some important ones. When I was in Pakistan, I have heard many times from religious scholars that Islam is the only religion and we should spread its message to the world. For me this is the right time to test their argument, I want to present the Islam to my professor. I tried but failed due to shortage of knowledge as compare to my professor. (His experience is more than my age.)

Please could you help me about presenting Islam to scientists. Once I tried by quoting some sentences from the book of an Indian scholar “Science and Religion” written by Waheeduddin Khan that “We have only two choices either to believe that this world do not exist at all or there is a Creator. The former is more obscure than the later therefore we have no option to deny the existence since we believe in this world.”

He simply replied there is a third option that is “I don’t know,  I don’t have any direct scientific prove about existence of God.” he added that the basic concept of the religion can not be proved by scientific logic. Therefore being a scientist I can not believe in non-scientific things. Moreover if there were miracle in the past then why not in the present scientific age.

It was long discussion which is difficult to present here. I hope  you have understood my  problem. Please help

Tahir Kalim


Dear Brother Tahir

Assalam o alaikum

It is a pleasure to receive your mail. I am in contact with Kamran. He also lives in Jeddah. He told me about you that you’re in Germany now a days. I requested him to deliver my salaam to you. How’s your life going on? Planning to stay at Europe for PhD or back to Pakistan?

Regarding your questions, it is really very difficult to convince a person who has already made an opinion and is not willing to change. Our job is just to deliver Allah’s message. Whether the person accepts it or not, we cannot do anything. Forcing a person to select the right path is beyond the scope of our work. Although we should try our best to satisfy that person as well as ourselves. The response to your questions is as follows:

1. Regarding existence of God, “I don’t know” is not an option at all. For example, if we see a highly sophisticated machine e.g. a computer, do we consider three options: 1) It is built automatically without an inventor or manufacturer. 2) Someone invented and then manufactured it. 3) I don’t know.

These three options never come to our mind. Whether we have seen any production process or not, only the Option No. 2 comes to our mind and nothing else. On the other side, when we see this universe which is a BILLION-TIMES-MORE complicated machine, why do we consider these three options?

It seems that someone has made us biased to consider unnecessary options and then we conclude the Option 3. Will anyone say that I don’t know that there is an inventor or manufacturer of a high-tech computer? How can one say that the human brain which is thousand times more sophisticated than a high-tech computer is created automatically or at least I don’t know about it? Is it scientific approach to say: “I don’t know whether there is an inventor of the computer or not?”

2. Intervention of God by sending prophets, blessing their followers within this world and punishing their deniers in this world is a historical fact. Not even a single atheist historian denies that such events did not occur.

This intervention is another clear proof that God exists and interferes in the matters of this world. I think you might have studied on “The Law of Divine Reward & Punishment”. The summary of this law is that Almighty Allah made some nations a sample of His Accountability. He selected a few nations and sent His Prophets to them. The nations who accepted the message of such prophets, were rewarded within this world. Examples are the followers of Prophet Jonah, Moses and Muhammad علیہم الصلوۃ والسلام. On the contrary, when a nation rejected God’s prophet deliberately, it was punished within the same world. Examples include the rejecters of Prophets Noah, Hud, Saleh, Abraham, Lot, Shuaib and Jesus علیہم الصلوۃ والسلام.

God made the children of Abraham a sample of His “Divine Reward & Punishment”. The first branch of his progeny i.e. Israelites were made the example of His Reward when they followed Prophet Moses, Joshua, Caleb, David and Solomon علیہم الصلوۃ والسلام. All kingdoms of the Middle East have to bow down in front of them. They were severely punished when they rejected God’s Prophets. The final punishment arrived with the Prophet Jesus. Their story is the main topic of the Bible.

The second branch of Abraham’s progeny i.e. Ishmaelites were rewarded and punished in the same way. When they followed Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم , they were rewarded half of the world. When they left astray, they were punished within the same world by Tatars and Europeans.

You can also see it is simple words in my travel story to the historical places related to this Law of Divine Punishment (Dainunat). Specific references to this law are at following portions:

A graphical presentation is also available on the subject at the following link:

3. The question that “if it occurred in past, why did it not occur in present?” is a good question to think about. If we do not find the answer of this question, it does not mean that such events did not occur in past. So existence of God is not dependent on the answer of this question. The answer I’ve found for this question is that the knowledge of history has reached up to the point in modern history (last 2000 years) that nobody can deny such events.

This “Law of Divine Reward & Punishment” is the main topic of the Divine Scriptures like the Bible & the Quran. These books are widely read in the world.

If a person has an appetite to believe, these events are enough for him. On the contrary, if a person does not want to believe in God, events happening in front of him cannot force him to believe. We have examples of people who observed and then denied such events. So there is no need to repeat such events in the modern world.

I hope this will help. Remember in your prayers.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Does God Exist?
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