Types of Monotheism


Assalam u alaikum

Kindly tell me who has given the concept of tawheedu rabobiyah, tawheedu allohiyah, and tawheedu asma wa sifaat as I read some articles on net that it was given by Shaikh ul Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah. But the commentator of Aqeedatu Tahawiyyah has mentioned two of these in his commentary. Kindly tell me that do the salaf and four imams also believed this kind of tawheed or it is the later interpretation and also give the references…. and revert back as soon as possible. Also mention some books on aqeedah which can be downloaded from internet.


Al-Muslim, Lahore, Pakistan


Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your question. The concept of all types of Tauheed is described in detail in the Quran. “Tauheed Rabobiyyah” means that there is only One Sustainer of all creatures and that is Allah. “Tauheed Alohiyyah” means that there is only and only one God and that is Allah. “Tauheed Asmaa was Sifaat” means that all the attributes of Allah are specific to Him. Nobody share any attribute to Him.

These terms are not used in the Quran or Hadith. Theologians of later generations developed these terms. Some thoelogians have expressed it in terms of the philosophy and I’lm ul Kalaam (Theology) of their time. I’m not an expert in the Theology of Middle Ages due to my lack of interest in the issues of that time. Although I’m very much interested in the Modern I’lm ul Kalam which includes serious theological & philosophical issues of the modern age.

If you can provide me details of the type of books on Aqeedah you’re interested, I can suggest something. I mean what type of issues you are interested, the debates of Middle Ages or Modern Age? Because the Theology or I’lm ul Kalaam for both eras is entirely different.

The best book for the Islamic Creed is the Quran. Details of Creed are mentioned in it. So I’ll strongly advise you to read the Quran from that angle.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Types of Monotheism
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