Vulgar Websites and the Youth

The advent of the internet brings a lot of benefits to the modern times with several breakthroughs in information and communication. One can not only contact to the dear ones from the distant places but also the information is readily available whenever needed. The click technology has successfully swapped the old systems like physical libraries and post mechanism.

The internet was introduced since early 1990’s. The rate of its use elevated with the blink of an eye. According to the statistics of “Spaak”, an internet provider company, the hobby of the majority of internet users is exploring and visiting vulgar websites which is worrisome situation for every sensible person. Throughout the whole world, vulgar websites had the highest visit rate all around the world. The habit of wandering at such sites gradually stains the heart and mind of a person leaving behind only two choices to live with:

1.    To step in the non-ending series of committing adultery throughout his life.

2.    To remain indulge in addiction of pornography even after marriage.

The dilemma is that, youth is unable to tie the bond of marriage due to our societal barriers. These barriers are elevating gradually due to wrong beliefs, customs, traditions and so-called life standards. One is not deeming eligible for marriage until he complies some standards of living subject to high qualification or at least renowned job with handsome salary. On the contrary, all around the world, it is becoming easy to live freely with a girlfriend/boyfriend. The statistics of “Spaak” give message to the whole society, that either make marriage process easy by diminishing the societal barriers else be prepare for the societal destruction.

The contextual background of this message is that even in the Western countries, where living without marriage with a girl or boy is not against their moral values, parents keep children away from vulgar websites and porn movies whereas the rest of the society is free to live by any means. But the premise of a Muslim society is modesty where family life is our only shield from moral destruction. The arousal of vulgarity and adultery in society will ruin our moral values and religious premise. 

Modern world is still unable to find the solution of pornography. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Singapore tried to solve this issue with censorship rules but, as indicated by their statistics, such struggles did not remain effective. Pakistan also tried to solve this issue the same way which was also ended in vain however the rate of porn sites viewers is increasing continuously. The only solution is that parents must consider their responsibilities by nurturing their children carefully; do not let them flow in cruelties of time but guide them at every checkpoint by implanting modesty in their heart and mind. Monitor their activities; whenever they de-track remind them, politely, the premise of modesty in our moral values. Moreover when children reach at particular age, their early marriage must be on priority. This is only how we can solve this societal dilemma.

 (Derived from the works of Abu Yahya, Translation: Tahira Malik Tabassum)

Think about it!

—– Evaluate the impacts of vulgar websites on family life.

—– How can we stop our kids from watching vulgar websites?

Vulgar Websites and the Youth
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