Work or Fame

Someone asked Shibli Nomani, famous scholar: “What is the trick to become magnate?” He replied: “Start mudslinging to any magnate.”

There are two types of producing work. The one is doing work in some renowned field and the second one is producing some work in a less-known field. A person striving in the former quickly become prominent, on the contrary working hard in the later neither ends up in fame nor in popularity. You will be famous if striving for the thing which is already publically known, conversely you will remain deprived from fame if your struggles are in the direction of some anonymous concepts which was not publically known before.

If you start speaking against some celebrity, make any notable affair a target, initiate revolt against government or start riots, then you will immediately become main headlines of the newspapers. People will start discussing you and you will become a public leader. Once you announce a rally a crowd will gather there, people will strongly consider you and will give unlimited support and funds.

But if you start working on anonymous and silent constructive work, strive for the root cause rather than scratching the surface, adopt silent endeavor rather than publishing it, work for the amelioration of an individual rather than becoming vanguard of whole nation, work on non-political grounds rather than initiating political turmoil, then surprisingly you will neither find crowd besides you nor queues for donation of money. Your name is neither becoming the part of headlines nor of the rallies. 

But the latter case is the true work and through this we can hope for the actual results. On the contrary the former definition of work is extortion in the garb of endeavor. It surely will benefit individual’s domination but is useless for the nation.  

(Derived from the works of Waheed-ud-Deen Khan, Translation: Tahira Malik Tabassum)

Think about it!

—– What strategy should be adopted by the people who possess enthusiasm for religion or nation? The former or the later?

—– Among the above mentioned article of the author, which one is the most appropriate and beneficial in your opinion?

Only those people lead pleasant life who see dreams and remain ready to pay price (through struggles) for the accomplishment of those dreams. (Leon Swiz)
Work or Fame
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